Can The End Be Far Off?

Looking around at our society today one must wonder, can the end be all that far off? When New York City, among others, now allows the birth gender of a baby to be labeled as ‘X’, can the end be far off? When a 10 year old boy dressed in drag is paraded around the stage of a gay bar while pedophiles shower him with $1 bills, can the end really be that far off? This same ‘drag kid’ was celebrated on Good Morning America along with his ‘proud parents’ and later photographed with a naked adult drag queen. I’ve often wondered just how bad was Sodom and Gomorrah and can we really be far from reaching that level of depravity?


People who hold traditional values, Christians in particular, are under attack from the left, Hollyweird, and of course those fine ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media.  These same anti-Christian left-wing media activists are attacking Vice President Mike Pence’s wife for teaching art classes at a Christian school because the school does not allow LGBT students or teachers. Gee, imagine that, Christian parents not wanting their children being taught ideas, concepts and behaviors that are directly opposed to their religious beliefs. How dare they!

Any concept of morality is attacked as ‘bigotry’ because they not only want to continue guilt free in their depraved actions, but to put it in your face, demand acceptance and destroy anyone or anything that doesn’t celebrate their sickness. Parents, sick demented parents, are holding coming out parties for their young children where they reveal what gender they have decided to be. Decided to be? Seriously? Another sick concept being circulated through the  ‘community’ is that straight men who refuse to have sex with transgender men are actually gay. Wait, what? Yes, apparently if a straight man doesn’t want to have sex with another man dressed up to be a woman, then somehow that makes him not only a hateful bigot, but actually means he’s gay. You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

If all this isn’t enough, there is a movement within the LGBT LMNOP ‘community’ for the acceptance of pedophilia as just another sexual preference instead of the dangerous perversion that it is. When your kids are the target, is anything or anyone safe? Again, I’ve often wondered how bad Sodom and Gomorrah really were and can we be far from reaching that level of depravity or the devastation and destruction that came as a result? The end times as prophesied in the Bible have always seemed like something more likely to occur some time in the future, certainly to occur, but just not yet; I’m no longer convinced of that. Prepare yourself, protect your family and hold on tight.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Of course, if any of the vermin who now cling to the wall would best Trump. To do it, they would be required to cheat. Then we would have a real civil war.

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