Why Would They Oppose a Secure Border?

When I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, my neighbors on each side had fenced in their back yards, our home was newly built so we obviously didn’t have a fence and didn’t really see the need for it – at first. Over a short period of time it became quite apparent why the neighbors had fences and why we needed one too; the neighbors unruly kids. The house located directly behind me was home to 3 young boys who apparently saw nothing wrong with using our yard as a shortcut, riding their bikes through our vegetable garden and other intrusive acts; it was time for a fence. The neighbors on each side smiled as we had learned the hard way, our little dog loved being off the leash and our garden was free of tire tracks; everyone was happy, except the neighbor with the unruly kids – he didn’t like it one bit.

border 3

So if we think logically about building a border wall, ask yourself, why do we need it and why would someone be opposed to it? Before we go any further, this whole ‘digital wall’ concept of securing the border with drones thing is a joke; unless the drones are armed (which they would never do) all we could do is watch them just keep coming in. We know that about 2000 people a day are trying to cross into the US illegally, every day, day after day. We know that dangerous drug cartels are importing tons of illegal narcotics across our porous border year after year. We know that MS-13 imports drugs and guns into our neighborhoods through our open border, only to pose as ‘unaccompanied minors’ if they are caught. We know that the violent criminals we deport south of the border simply return again and again. We know there are parts of our sovereign nation that are not safe to visit due to criminal activity at the border. These are not opinions, these are simply facts. They only real debate is whether we choose to do something about it or continue to ignore the problem.

warning sign 2

So again, why would anyone oppose securing the border? It’s certainly not a new idea as many countries in just recent times have erected walls to protect their people and these walls have proven to be very effective, so why wouldn’t it work here? Why would so many politicians, regardless of party, be opposed? Why would some who have supported it in the past all of a sudden be so adamantly opposed? Oh and the cost; a drop in the bucket compared to the foreign aide we send south of the border.

border warning 2

To understand politics, you must realize that most politicians do not represent their constituents, they represent themselves, period. Many people will vote time and time again to elect the same person who claims to care about them while actually working against their best interests. For example: Steve Cohen of Tennessee recently introduced a bill that would eliminate the Electoral College; TN is a lower population State which means without the Electoral College the people of TN would have little to no say in a Presidential election. Clearly this action does not serve those who elected him, but improves his standing with the Democrat leadership and therefore elevates his standing and power. Politicians working in their own best interests, not yours.

border 4

So how do these politicians benefit from keeping the border open to criminals, terrorists, drug cartels and the like? Does this help the people who elected them, or does it somehow benefit the politician themselves? It was recently revealed that Mexican drug lord El Chapo gave then Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto a $100 million bribe. Now, I’m not implying that San Fran Nancy Pelosi is taking bribes from south of the border, but she and her border opposing ilk are clearly benefiting somehow.

I find it ironic that the same politicians who live in mansions surrounded by walls/fences and patrolled by armed guards, want the borders open and the population unarmed. There’s an old saying that correctly states, ‘good fences make for good neighbors,’ let’s hope these self-serving politicians cut it with the nonsense and do what’s right for our nation; secure our southern border once and for all.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.




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