The Prepper Craze Is Over

It’s true that ‘fads’ come and go and throughout the Obama years the popularity of ‘prepping’ exploded. There were TV shows, prepping networks, writers and video channels seemingly everywhere. Now, it seems that many if not most of the writers and video producers who once shared their prepping wisdom have left the building so to speak. Once popular books and DVDs on prepping and survival now found mostly in the bargain bin. Yes, it does seem that we’ve stepped back from the brink a bit, but the world remains ridiculously chaotic and failing to prepare for the unknown is simply foolish. I know when I climb into my car every morning the odds of being in an accident today are fairly slim, but I still fasten the old seat belt just in case. Every morning when I strap on my firearm I know that the odds of using it in self-defense today are slim, but I carry it with me all the same. The same goes for prepping; the odds of a major disaster happening today are fairly slim, but I still prepare for what could happen just the same.

Having a plan, having food and water storage, having strong security, having a garden, having some skills, having back-up power all act as another type of insurance policy; you do have insurance don’t you? We recently went through a financial rough spot and our stocked pantry was key in helping us get through it. It wasn’t anything major, just a bunch of unexpected expenses arising all at the same time. So as we were having to dip into our emergency fund to cover some of those costs, having a pantry stuffed with food was key to getting through it without much fanfare.

Unfortunately today, too many people (including some former preppers I suspect) are living too close to the edge. Recently I was grabbing a few sale items at the local Dollar General (yes, we watch for deals) when I noticed a woman heading towards the checkout in quite a hurry. She seemed a bit frazzled as she placed her goods on the belt and requested an item from the clerk. She quickly dug some cash from her purse, paid, grabbed her items, and off she went. What was the rush you might ask; a pack of cigarettes and a single roll of toilet paper. Yes, one lonely roll of TP. That my friends is what you call living way too close to the edge.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Anybody who thinks they can become complacent because Trump is in the White House needs to grow up. Our nation is fortunate that he beat the beast, but look at the activity of the party that apposes Trump. There is a growing faction in this country that wants to strip us of our Constitutional rights and it is more clear than ever. NOW is the time to prepare if there ever was one.

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  2. I live in New Zealand. You may have seen on the news recently about the 50 Muslims killed while praying in Christchurch here. The Government is now pushing through tough gun ownership laws….disarming the citizens and moving to fully arm the Police force. Meantime, in the UK they even have restrictions on the size and type of knife you’re allowed. I’ve been prepping for a long time, but for the last 7 or 8 years far more seriously. I see no reason to stop…the world being what it is both politically and in terms of the increasing extremes in weather….natural disasters etc.

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