A Different Kind of Bucket List

My new perspective on life, courtesy of a near encounter with the Grim Reaper, has driven me to take on some projects, a bucket list if you will, that should have been completed long ago. No, this new ‘bucket list’ doesn’t include hot air balloons or a trip to the Grand Canyon, but it does contain actions I want to complete before that Reaper guy makes a second appearance. Items on this list are not about things I want to experience before I go, but rather how to better take care of those I leave behind. Some items are pretty obvious, while others may be unique to us but might prompt you to think of things you may want to include on your list.

I remember thinking on my flight to the hospital, and I know this seems pretty strange that it would even pop into my head at such a time, but I kept thinking ‘those bastards at (insert name of previous employer) are going to get away without paying a cent of my retirement.’ Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have earned a pension, but was waiting till it was worth more to collect, I have since started those payments. No, it’s not as much as it would be if I waited till I was older, but it’s now guaranteed income for my wife after I’m gone.

Here’s one that will really seem of the hook, but I made it a mission to install a garage door opener. I can hear the collective heads shaking, but allow me to explain. First of all, I know in a natural or man-made disaster this ‘luxury’ would be completely useless as would most items on this list, however, the loss of a spouse or other family member can be your own personal SHTF. Several years ago we replaced the cheap garage door that was on the house when we bought it with a nice heavy, insulated, steel door; better insulation, better security. However, it was/is heavy and difficult for my wife (and me) to open, and not enough clearance (on paper anyway) to install an opener. If I was gone, the garage area would become basically useless to her, not a good plan. Now, following some creative engineering, she can open that big door with just a touch of a button: check that one off the list.

I could gone on and on here about things I should have done that I’m now trying to accomplish, however your list will likely be much different and I’ve probably talked long enough to bore you by now, but I do hope it will inspire a few of you to take action. Do you have a plan for your family if something happens to you? Do you have a will? Have you made your wishes known? How will they pay the bills when you are gone? Being prepared covers so many areas of life, please don’t forget this one.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. It’s pretty easy to overlook things like job loss or a sudden change in health or the reality of one’s own demise, but the truth is that those personal disasters are far more likely to happen than a regional, national, or global disaster. IMO, preparing for those personal disasters also increases preparedness for those larger and less likely situations. Thanks for sharing yours so we can learn from it.

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