A Few Lessons Learned

Maybe you have a crystal ball and know what’s coming around the next corner, but I certainly don’t and despite my best efforts to prepare for ‘anything and everything’ the reality is that some things worked better than others. If you read this site at all you likely know we had our own personal SHTF and now looking back over the last 8 months I wanted to share a few things that worked or at least helped lessen the blow.

The big number one lesson, nothing else was even close: CASH IS KING! Yes, I am keenly aware that if our financial system collapses cash will be useless, and in some other SHTF scenarios food, water and other essentials would become currency,  this was not the case here. When we needed someone to run errands or pick up a few things or pay the guy to cut the grass, cash was way better than try to use a debit/credit card. Face it, pretty much anyone will take cash and it puts you in a great position for negotiating. We have always had some cash stashed in the house and some in each car, but going forward that will be a much bigger priority.

Firearms: nope, didn’t have to shoot anyone (not yet anyway,) but when I needed more cash selling off a few of them was just the ticket. Those bills pile up fast at times like these, but taking a few of my lesser used firearms to the local gun store (not pawn shop!) yielded a good amount of cash in just a few days. I really had never considered my guns as a barter item, but they turned out to be a great one!

Food and water storage of course reduced the number of trips to the store at a time when leaving the house was difficult. Paper goods, cleaning supplies and such proved extremely helpful, but we simply hadn’t stored enough. While we had stored about 3 months supply of dry food for both the cats and dogs, which would likely have been enough in a natural disaster, they like their canned food as well and we simply hadn’t stored enough of that.

We learned a great deal from the experience; we were good in some areas, not so good in others. We will work to be better, and hopefully some of you will benefit from our experience.

Thanks for reading!

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