2020: Return of the Prepper?

I find it amazing how quickly things can change these days; one day it’s all good, next day it’s the end of the world as we know it. Until recently the prepper ‘craze’ seemed to have really run it’s course and it’s pretty easy to see why: good economy, rising wages, record low unemployment, energy independence, record stock market, etc. Regardless of your political affiliation (if any) the near future looked pretty bright as opposed to the previous decade or so; things were looking up. How quickly things can change.


COVID-19 happened, and people are panicking. World markets are shaken, international travel restricted, some travelers quarantined (even entire cruise ships) over what really amounts to uncertainty and a ‘if it bleeds it leads’ mentality in the media. Information is indeed lacking because they simply don’t know much about this thing yet, however you can be certain there is no lack of misinformation to be had. People in Australia are literally fighting over toilet paper while the French government is seizing all stocks and future production of medical masks. People are scared and woefully unprepared for anything that upsets their normal daily routine. The panic is often more dangerous and destructive than the event itself.


I for one have noticed a major surge in my web traffic over the last week or so and I think I can safely assume I am not alone in this. People are seeking out information on how to be better prepared now that a crisis has already arisen. It’s difficult to prepare for something once it’s happened, hard to stock up when the shelves are already empty. Things can radically change without a moments notice, just ask the 24 killed and hundreds displaced in Nashville this week by a tornado that was on the ground for over 50 miles while most slept in their beds. I certainly hope this virus is quickly contained and simply another over hyped end of the world scenario, and I hope it becomes a wake up call for people to become better prepared.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. In the UK a few of us preppers started talking about China when the first news came through about the virus.

    2 months ago we as a family started restocking.
    A month ago the UK’s sheeple caught up with the news that the virus was loose BIG TIME.
    PANIC has been the order of the day ever since.

    People are losing it in the shops, our leadership is in chaos, our health service on the point of collapse. Yet quietly, small groups are reforming.
    It’s kinda reassuring that what we old hands were preaching back in the 80’s, into the millennium, and up to today, is still out there.

    Bring the big die off bugsy,
    It’s about time us preppers had a good laugh at those who were laughing at us.

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  2. It’s going to be interesting to see where this ends. Government stimulus, people staying at home, workforce diminished for unknown period of time, ability to keep stores stocked…all will be tested.
    I certainly hope it ends quickly, and without a lot of damage to folks and the economy.

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