If We Live, Will We Have Learned Anything?

‘Shelter in Place’ orders are becoming common, schools are closed, 40 million CA residents (along with Illinois now) have been told to stay in their homes until further notice, bars and restaurants ordered closed and grocery store shelves are bare; it’s getting scary out there folks. If we don’t see some light on the horizon soon, can civil unrest be far behind? As I’m watching the events unfold, I’m actively looking at what I and others could have done to better prepare for what we are experiencing. If we do survive, and I certainly plan on doing so, will we have learned anything from it or will we just return to the status quo?


My parents were both depression babies in the rural South, times were tough and survival was day to day; if you wanted to eat you had to either grow it or kill it. They learned from those days; they always saved, raised a garden, canned their own food, they were as self-reliant as possible. Today, most people in the Western world have really never known hard times and as such, even a small disruption can throw their world into chaos. How many in our society are so reliant on Uber, Doordash, Amazon, etc., all right there on their Smartphone, that they have no idea how to function without them? God forbid the internet goes down!

gun sales

So, looking around at the current situation, what do you wish you had done differently?

Firearms sales are up more than 300% and ammo is becoming hard to find.  Apparently a large number of people have decided (finally) that they need a gun for self protection, huh, imagine that.

I really don’t understand the massive hoarding of toilet paper, but maybe we should all keep a little more on hand in the future.

Cleaning supplies, particularly bleach and disinfectant wipes are sold out, but should be a staple in any pantry.

Cash is king. I’ve said this many times, even a small stash of cash can be helpful during any crisis situation.

It’s been said that we are merely 9 meals from anarchy, yet less than 50% of Americans have 3 days worth of food at home.  This should be a wake up call for everyone, regardless of your situation, you need to have more food and water on hand at all times.

Location, Location. While this has not yet played out, and hopefully it doesn’t get this far, but often your location can determine how affected your are by a major event. The cities are obviously more susceptible to shortages and violence, distance can mean safety.

If we all live through this thing, what do you plan to do different in the future? Your thoughts are appreciated.


  1. Inventory this weekend and restocking of the pantry. We moved from KC to TX last November and left much of our food preps, other than a couple months worth of freeze dried packaged kind of meals, with relatives. This taste of socialism should be a wake up call for everyone.

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  2. I actually thought about this this morning. I’m in small rural town after leaving Cali 16 years ago. After an earthquake last night I thought, “Anything else?” I’m not prepared for a virus and an earthquake. But it does make one think. Americans should probably be more appreciative for what we have like freedom, health, and law and order because only one disaster or crisis could threaten to take it away.

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  3. We’ve always kept a full pantry and rarely have ever had to ‘run’ to the store. We’ve just increased or supplies a bit.
    We live in a smallish community, so that is a plus.
    I’ve kept my ‘special’ needs supply well stocked and reload when low. Or buy when price is right.
    I wish I had room for a big garden. Has always been a tradition in my family. But my space is limited.

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  4. No weapons as such (it’s horrible being all law abiding in the UK) but we do have the means to mount an armed defence. We are fully stocked up, 45 days worth as of today.
    Yet food, water, and arms may not be enough.
    Old skills are being regenerated and that includes foraging, urban style.
    Medicines being our biggest worry.

    It’s seed time in the garden, first cropping due middle of May.
    Fishing pole polished, sea worm fork de-rusted.
    As for them ducks and geese on the municipal lake?
    Honest guv’ it weren’t me!

    What will we do if we are still standing after all this has finished?
    I have no answer to that one and I doubt is anyone has.
    What would we do differently? Nothing.

    This is no one’s fault and I’m not a conspiracy theory lover.
    Bottom line is everything will change, until the money men come out of hiding.
    Government will continue, taxes will still be levied.
    So I’m thinking life will pick up from where it was.
    Same s’t, different day.

    Stay safe.

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