Panic 2020: All Those New Gun Owners

Panic 2020 is real and it’s not just toilet paper that is becoming scarce; firearms and ammunition are quickly disappearing from store shelves, wholesale supplies are low and prices rising accordingly. I’ve been working at a range for a couple of years now and have seen a few spikes in sales, but never anything like this. We’ve been limiting ammo sales to 100 rounds per customer for about a week now, but by yesterday we had customers from over 100 miles away coming in as it seems nearly everyone else was out.


The FBI is reporting a 300% surge in background checks and from what I’ve seen it’s at least that much. The strange thing is, much like the desperate shoppers in the grocery store, the selection was clearly not as important as that they get a gun, any gun. Let me be clear, I fully support the right of all Americans to defend themselves and their families, but so many of these people have no idea how to handle a firearm properly and likely never will. They will walk out the door with their new gun, that they know absolutely nothing about, never to return. They will most likely load it, stash it in their car or dresser drawer and there it will stay, never actually taking the time to learn to shoot the thing – bad idea. Just a side note, one guy asked if I had any extra ‘clips’ for his gun (a pawn shop special) and how much they would be, when I told him ‘around $30’ he said ‘that’s more than I paid for the gun!’ Seriously people.

If and when the world returns to some sort of ‘normal’ I sincerely hope that more people will make the commitment to seek out some real training. There’s a lesson in everything if we are willing to recognize it and take it to heart. Store more food and water, cleaning supplies, and yes, toilet paper. Regularly review your home and personal security, make adjustments and seek training if needed. As bad as it is right now, I sincerely hope people will take this as a lesson and become much better prepared in the future.

Your thoughts are appreciated.





  1. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond.
    Three type of weapons are flying off the shelves.

    ANY full stocked RECURVE crossbow with a 175lb pull. That’s a no brainer for preppers out to 50 meters.

    The sheeple have fallen in love with pistol xbow designs in the 80 lb range. Strictly telephone box range.

    A certain model of Spanish PCP air rifle in .22 that can be easily adapted from the licence free 12 ft.lbs to 23-24 ft.lbs.

    Long live garage gunsmiths and poor adherence to UK design regulations aka no anti tamper screws!

    Not forgetting the ‘more expensive than the rifle’ high pressure stirrup pump as only fools use scuba air bottles in survival scenrios.

    Incidentally at 24ft.lbs switching to slugs not Diabolo pellets makes it a very hard accurate hitter out to 50 yards.
    Whilst it may sound like a weak option to firearms, 24 ft.lbs can take down a small Muntjac deer or medium sized dog if you know what you are doing. It’s also a damn sight quieter than a firearm which in urban setting is ‘useful’..

    And finally take down bows in the #40 range.
    The problem then is where to practice adn they are usually ‘handed’ which can make life interesting if you are a Southpaw in this right handed world.

    Some pay for hunting tips which aren’t too effective against stab vests and soft skin, and not really necessary.
    Some enlightened users (using bows and crossbows) have screwed in bolts with sharpened tips for penetration. It ups the flight speed so you get a flatter trajectory and greater penetration but the counter is it lessens the impact punch.

    And all your sheeple get to worry about is guns?


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