Panic 2020: A View From the Range, Surprise!

OK, before anyone starts to chastise me for leaving the house understand that I work at the gun range/gun store and they have been dubbed an essential business. Just as other folks who are stocking the grocery shelves or delivering needed supplies, I am providing a needed service. In some areas the police have made it known that they are not responding to theft or other crimes they consider minor and response times are longer due to reduced staffing. People are seeking out firearms to protect themselves, their families and apparently their toilet paper as well and someone has to process that paperwork.


Speaking of paperwork, many of these people are buying a firearm for the first time and frankly are quite surprised at the paperwork. Gee, imagine that! Where I live we do not have 5-10 day waiting periods or any such non-sense, you simply fill out the old ATF 4473, do a background check, purchase your firearm of choice and off you go same day. It’s an easy, straight forward process, but unfortunately I’ve seen several people get visibly annoyed at the inconvenience. Well, my guess is these are the same self important clowns clamoring for more gun control every time some nut job shoots a bunch of unarmed co-workers, but doesn’t think these laws should actually apply to them!

We still need a little humor!

I should have just bought it online. Yes, one ‘gentleman’ about halfway through his 4473, lamented that ‘he should have just bought it online.’ We kindly informed him that it doesn’t work that way, to which he spouted back at a slightly elevated volume that he saw guns online with prices and everything! {Headshake} Even after calmly and respectfully explaining the process, he still acted as though we were idiots; well, you can’t save ’em all. Interestingly, I’ve have been getting reports from friends in Chicago, of people trying to bribe their way out of the 72 hour ‘cooling off period’; vote different next time!

Priorities! Supplies are limited, travel restricted, law enforcement weakened, quarantines imposed, criminals turned loose in the streets, churches ordered closed, Planned Parenthood open and fully funded and Congress just voted themselves a raise. Anyone surprised?

When this is all over I hope more people will extract their head from the proverbial sand and actually start paying attention and taking responsibility for themselves, but sadly, most will not.

Your comments are appreciated.



  1. Great article. I have heard this from other folks working in gun sales right now: all the folks who are all for gun control now find it burdensome when they suddenly want to be prepared. Amazing.

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