Panic 2020: Taking a Step Back

Looking around at the state of the country, as well as the rest of the world, it’s truly a nightmare I hoped I would never see. Flash back to Christmas 2019, who among us would have guessed we would be locked down in fear of an unseen enemy just a few months later. Regardless of whether you think this is the worst pandemic ever or an overblown version of the flu, the effect on the world is unprecedented. I never thought I would see the day when people are not only willingly giving up their civil rights, but also demand they be taken from their neighbors as well. Towns and cities in America are setting up hotlines so you can turn in that neighbor who dared walk his dog or mow his lawn, and let’s not forget that little Jewish girl hiding in the attic next door.


Oddly enough, some police departments have stated that some minor crimes such as some Meth head stealing your property may not be prosecuted, but they might prosecute you for leaving your home. Chicago will fine you $500 for venturing out to get a haircut, but apparently it’s O.K. that the Mayor got one – because she’s not a peasant like you. Detroit is deploying drones to ensure there are no public gatherings while failing to follow ‘social distancing’ in New York can get you a $1000 fine. In my area I’m hearing reports of State Troopers randomly stopping motorists to see if they have a valid reason for being out. “Your papers please.” How long before we willingly board those trains.


Am I saying don’t protect yourself – no.

Am I saying don’t follow the Govt protocols – no.

Am I saying not to follow social distancing – no.

Am I saying not to avoid crowds – no.

What I am saying is be aware of how much power they have taken from you in such a very short time. Understand, they now realize just how easy it was to take your freedoms and so many just went along willingly.

Former Obama Chief of Staff and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once proudly stated, “never let a crisis go to waste,” and that my friends is exactly what they are doing. Politicians have used this crisis to advance their own agenda; money meant to help people pay their bills during this crisis diverted to the Kennedy Center, National Endowment for the Arts and other left wing favorites. Did you notice that the ‘Stimulus Bill’ included a Congressional pay raise? Seriously?!?! Still think they are working in your best interest? Still want them to ‘take care of you?’ Still want to turn control over everything to the Government for the ‘greater good?’

No thanks. The current crisis is a glaring example of why we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our families instead of relying on our benevolent leaders. The span of just a few months has changed the face of the world as we know it and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Your thoughts are appreciated.



  1. I’m ready to get back to normal pretty soon. I’ve been isolated for 40 days now. Can’t even see my newborn grandson. It is getting old. But Cuomo is allowed to have a birthday party in his home? Amazing. My only enjoyment is landscaping which I did this week. Today getting out of California back home to my rural town. Hope the cops don’t stop me while I’m isolating in my germfree car. :/ Keep the faith.

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    1. Abuse of power is nothing new.
      To live in a civilized country is to be made subservient to the governance you became a part of AND will probably vote for time and time again.

      Most emergency legislation is badly written, over reaching, allows for all sorts of mission creep, and never EVER fully goes away after whatever has ended. Yet it could, if your representatives did their job and protected you.

      So far the only round of applause I can offer up is to the various law enforcement NOT breaking your constitutional rights regarding guns.
      Except to note that they walk a dangerous career ending path between the people and policing by consent,
      The local politicians who to keep their jobs will follow the monied opinion about things,
      And the state that doesn’t give a sh’t about the little people in life.
      They only wanting compliance not rebellion.

      Way I see it is we the ‘little’ people can rant and rave as much as we like but short of rebellion NOTHING will change.
      The fools who think their vote matters and will change things are just delusional.
      In the end whoever is voted in never delivers because the spectrum of people (and money) they have to satisfy is too wide.

      To that I have to add the main political parties.
      All are rubbish, rather like ours in the UK are.
      All are self serving and even if they try to even out the hurt, they are only really doing a TEMP JOB as legislation was written that says every so often there has to be an election.

      At that time it’s money that talks and the good usually gets booted out the door.

      Preppers used to talk about the BIG DIE OFF.
      The fact that less people will make for a better world.
      That’s all B.S. too.
      There will be rules, the strongest will impose them.
      You will still be robbed or worse.

      All in all it’s a really sh’ty outlook for mankind.

      As for today?
      It starts with a temperature and a dry cough.
      ‘The money’ has prevented you access to good equipment, drugs, and adequate healthcare.
      And who prevents them from doing that?
      It sure as hell isn’t the politicians, or you.

      Tomorrow it could be a failure to communicate and loads of instant sunshine aka BOOM.
      Who should be preventing that?
      That would be the politicians.
      Will things be different?
      Na, not really.
      The strong will impose their will, as always, on the little people.


      1. You live in England, right? Your government is a lot different than ours. But the one thing different about Trump than other presidents and candidates is that he is beholding to no one as he ran with his own money. He may have received monies from different donors since winning, but he’s already in. Glad your prime minister feels better. How’s Prince Charles doing?


      2. Charley boy? Up and running.
        And there is no one in politics who is who he says he is, or without sponsorship be that upfront and honest to dirty envelopes and quiet men.


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