Panic 2020: Spring, We Almost Missed It!

In a world turned upside down, we (actually meaning I) nearly missed the return of Spring! Every year, all winter long, I eagerly await Spring and the return of warmer weather, what I’m going to plant and where, it simply can’t come soon enough! Last year was a washout for us as that little heart attack I had really put a damper on things for awhile. I would venture to say that this year has been strange for most of us as our focus has been on avoiding infection rather than planting our gardens. Maybe, just maybe, we can start to get something going.

If you’ve tried to order seeds recently you’ve probably noticed that many of the online retailers are sold out. I can only assume that the combination of people stuck at home, supply chain issues, and certain Governors making it illegal to purchase seeds locally (looking at you Michigan) has led to this problem. We have seeds we’ve saved over the last couple of seasons, but unfortunately this may not be our best year. The blueberry bushes have bloomed, we have blooms on the June bearing strawberries and some tomato and pepper seedlings coming up, but that my friends is about it. I’m going to venture out today on a quest for seeds, but it may be all in vain. This is definitely an area of our preps that need some attention.

Those who have been here for awhile know that we are not the gloom and doom type, if anything we are optimists, but the short term outlook on our economy is uncertain at best. We are in uncharted territory, no one knows what the next couple of months will bring, much less the next few years. I’m seeing some in the prepper community taking a guarded sigh of relief, we are not. I’ve said it countless times over the years and again when this COVID-19 thing raised it’s ugly head; the reaction is often worse than the event itself. I would encourage anyone who still can to get even a small garden going and continue to store food and other supplies if at all possible; the worst may be yet to come.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.



  1. After a late start because of no seeds, we finally planted this years crops April 5.
    It’s been slow going and disappointing as most of the donated seeds proved to be duds.

    However, our basement bargain shop (back door cash in hand shopping) had a whole mixture of vegetable seeds so we splurged out on 12 different veg including slow grow winter root crop.

    And to our joy! nearly all the seed has germinated and the green house heat and humidity is doing a fine job of protecting the nervous seedlings. Outside all of our onion sets are doing well. There has however been a small problem.
    No rain for over a month so it’s the daily bucket, or two, to keep everything going.

    I dread what our water bill will be but it’s got to be better that than eating the shops offerings as nearly all veg comes with freezer burn as standard and tastes FOUL.

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