Panic 2020: Staying in Shape?

Is it just me or has the number of “selfies” being posted to social media been radically reduced (self absorbed celebrities excluded of course)? Hair salons are closed, gyms are closed, parks and walking trails (!?!?) are closed and we’re all stuck in the house binge watching and boredom eating. Gee, what could go wrong? I’ve certainly gained weight over the last few weeks and I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only one. Recently my doctor changed my one of my medications as it kept me nauseous most of the time,  now six weeks later I’ve gained 6 lbs. UGH! Sounds like one of those late night infomercials only different, “I gained 6 lbs in 6 weeks and you can too!” Now I have 30 days to get back in line or risk more medications, not fun.


So now what? Activity or lack there of matched with either a good or bad diet is what it really comes down to and I have been horrible about both recently as I suspect you may have too if you’re reading this. Depending on your area, you may only be able to do laps in your home or apartment, I did this following my heart attack when it was my only option and it was better than nothing. Hopefully you can at least walk around outside your home, apartment building or even around your neighborhood. Some Governors have now opened their parks while others are strictly enforcing lock down while their family goes off to their $12 million equestrian compound in Florida for vacation, looking in your direction Illinois! While I’m certainly not encouraging anyone to break the law, we all need to get some fresh air and exercise!

Bottom line, we all need to start looking forward to resuming some sort of normal life regardless of what that might look like. My hair hasn’t been this long since I was 19 and playing in a rock band, and I honesty don’t think I have ever weighed this much. Get up, get off the couch and avoid the kitchen. You’ll likely have to start slowly and build up your stamina, but a little is definitely better than nothing. I hope you’ll join me and feel free to share your stories.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.



  1. Chuckle.
    More work being done in the garden means I’ve LOST seven pounds.
    The dog also needs walking three times a day and once going into the night.
    That’s 3 miles. As for food of the self indulgence variety?
    We’re still suffering from the “stack the trolley to overflowing” stupidity.
    What runs out first? All the nice stuff ( and most of the staple foods).

    Personally I blame Netflix and other streaming services for developing that couch-potato shape, not food.

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  2. I have gained weight.
    So much for the “quit eating fast food and you will lose weight” idea. I did just start exercising (again). I am not much for gyms and we can still walk around the neighborhood, I finally cleaned out the garage enough to hang the heavy bag and I can do push ups, sit ups and squats in my office (the house is pretty full at the moment). I have also restarted my stretches. These help keep a spinal disorder at bay. I hate doing them and I hurt afterwards but in the long run they help.
    Take care and God bless.

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