Panic 2020: What’s Next?

What a year it has been. I think many of us would like to hit the reboot button and just start 2020 over; me, I’m just afraid it might be even worse the 2nd time around.

So let’s recap: Leaders across the planet, in response to a virus, put their citizens in lock-down and effectively crashed the world economy. People here in America responded by hoarding toilet paper, (I still don’t get that one,) and when that was no longer available they wiped out supplies of paper towels, Kleenex, Clorox wipes, etc. Despite being threatened with fines and even jail time, many Americans flooded the stores to load up on any supplies they could find and shelves were quickly emptied. With supplies running short and a corrupt media feeding the frenzy, sales of guns and ammo smashed all previous records. At this point I would like to remind you that CBS ‘news’ used images from an Italian hospital as a scare tactic to claim that New York hospitals were overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, they claimed it was a just simple editing mistake, then used the same images yet again to promote their false narrative.

CBS falsely claimed this was a New York Hospital overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients

The COVID-19 panic has begun to subside somewhat as the projections of 200,000 dead per week in the US proved to be not only exaggerated, but wrong, dead wrong. COVID-19 is without a doubt a very nasty and potentially dangerous virus,  however, much to the dismay of the power hungry it did not turn out to be the next Plague as they hoped. Any loss of life is tragic and the most vulnerable among us, the elderly or those with an underlying health issues (like me), are with few exceptions sadly but predictably the majority of the COVID-19 victims. The talking heads are still trying to scare the public with dire warnings of a ‘2nd wave’ and left wing Governors and Mayors are desperately clinging to their emergency powers, while those ‘desperately needed’ and hastily built field hospitals are now being dismantled without ever treating a single patient. I personally have been to the hospital close to a dozen time in the last 7 months for follow ups on my heart issue and the hospitals are not over run, they are not even busy. The reality of the situation is that hospitals are not over run with COVID-19 patients and many are actually laying off workers. Bet you won’t see that on CBS.

The latest: the same people who have been harping for years that you don’t need a gun because the police will protect you are now demanding the ‘defunding’ and disarming of those Police officers. The same talking heads that blasted the lock-down protesters as ‘dangerous and selfish’ are praising the violent looters and separatists as ‘patriots’ as these same ‘protesters’ vow to bring their attacks to your neighborhood. Amazing, according to these so called leaders and their media lapdogs, attending church services with your friends and family would undoubtedly lead to a widespread outbreak of COVID-19 and must not be allowed, but thousands taking to the street to smash windows, loot businesses and burn police cars will have little or no effect on the spread of the virus? Really? Remember the MSNBC reporter standing in front of burning buildings calling the protests ‘mostly peaceful?’ Really?  Not surprisingly gun sales are again soaring and ammo is all but impossible to find.

So, now what? Ask yourself a couple of simple questions:

  • During lock-down were you able to pay your bills? Have you made adjustments?
  • What were you wanting, needing or missing the most?
  • Have you reviewed supplies and adjusted in case of another lock-down?
  • Check non-food supplies; fuel, batteries, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, etc.
  • Have you considered barter items: gold, silver, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
  • Who or what is the weakest link in your chain and what can you do to improve?
  • If violence comes to your area, do you have the tools and training to defend your family and property? Are you sure?
  • Have you done an honest assessment of your living arrangement and could you defend it or would you need to leave the area? Are you prepared to flee if necessary? Do you have somewhere to go? How will you get there?
  • Will you need to assist friends or family members not living with you?
  • Do you have others you can rely on? Family, friends or neighbors you can trust?
  • Have you cleaned, lubed and function checked all defensive firearms? Ammo count?
  • If you have non-lethal tools such as pepper spray, have you practiced using them?
  • Do you still trust the media? Really?

We’ve been in a cold civil war for quite some time that is now frighteningly but predictably turning into a shooting war as the violence in our cities increases by the day. We are facing a situation that none of us have ever seen in our lifetime which I fear will get much worse before it gets better. You’ve been locked down, lied to, manipulated, and threatened. I have to believe that the powers that be are extremely pleased at how easily people gave up their rights and did exactly as they were told. They believed what they were told without question; they gave up liberty for a false sense of security all courtesy of an all knowing all powerful government and some doctor they never heard of before. They questioned nothing and did just as they were told. Some have said this was simply a very successful trial run for what’s yet to come, I pray they are wrong, but fear that they could be right.

The decisions you make now and subsequent actions you take may have a profound affect on your future. Choose wisely.


  1. I do not have pepper spray. I have wasp spray. 20 plus foot range. Screw pepper spray…Plus a couple of long bladed, sharp pointy items…

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