Panic 2020: Last Minute Preps

This is the year that just keeps on giving. Regardless of your thoughts on our current President, the prospect of Kamala Harris, the most radical leftist (commie) in the Senate, becoming the most powerful person in the world should seriously frighten you, I know it does me. Take note: if you just got offended, why are you here? Move on, nothing here for you snowflake, you are free to rely on the government to take care of you and your ‘person’, or your herd of cats or 53 genders or whatever. Sorry, my blog, my rant. Anyway, we’ve been warned by creepy Joe himself of a long ‘dark winter,’ and considering what I’m seeing and hearing, I would not be at all surprised. How long before they order a government enforced lockdown? They’ve promised a nationwide mask mandate (possibly for years?) and that they will ‘take control’ of the virus which, in reality means, controlling YOU. These Marxists have promised you a laundry list of really bad ideas which include higher taxes, open borders, elimination of all fossil fuels, defunding the police, blocking the construction of any new single family homes, and lets not forget mandatory gun ‘buy backs.’ Note: How can they ‘buy back’ something that never belonged to them, and with our money no less!?!? Anyway, all of this socialist/communist BS is Unconstitutional of course, but they rarely let that pesky old piece of paper get in the way of, you know, PROGRESS!

It’s long been said that you never know when the day before is the day before. Assess your situation now! Are you stocked to the ceiling and ready for whatever is coming, or are you eating out everyday with nothing but BBQ sauce in the fridge? Take a good hard look at your situation, and make a wish list, put it on paper and get busy; time is wasting! Look at the great toilet paper crisis just a few short months ago, were you going from store to store hunting down TP or even settling for a less than ideal substitute or were you sitting comfortably home watching it all happen because you were well stocked? The wife has teased me about it more than once, but we have probably a 10 year supply.

Here at our little mountain retreat, we’ve spent most of the summer adding to our longer term storage; beans and rice, flower, corn meal, salt, sugar, bleach, vinegar and such. I keep asking dear wife, “what am I missing,” trying to find those items that have fallen through the cracks. We’ve added to our stash of over the counter pain relievers, allergy meds, flu remedies, tooth pain relievers, and a wide variety of bandages. We added some junk food, which is actually good for 6 months to a year as well as more spices, powdered juices and hard candies. I know, I know, it might sound silly or trivial to newer preppers, but those little things can make a BIG difference in a bad situation. For some reason the little 81mg aspirin has been hard to find, and as I have to take it everyday to stay alive, it’s been quite a quest to obtain a decent stash ( I seek the grail!), but perseverance has paid off.

So enough about me, where are you and your family at currently? Do you have a way to protect your family; if not, you may be too late to the game at this point as guns and ammo are becoming scarce. Do you have water, canned food, dry goods, paper goods (like TP!)? Do you have a way to cook and boil water if your gas or electricity are out? This is probably the most overlooked item by newer preppers, but can be the difference between relative comfort or real misery. A camping stove or even a gas grill with a side burner can drastically improve your situation when utilities might not be available. And while on the subject of utilities, do you have an alternative way to heat your home safely? Do you have enough fuel? Note: unless you plan on sharing, you need to make sure no one else sees the light, or smells the smoke of your cooking, grilling and heating preps.

Its obviously hard to predict what is around the corner, but if you’re smart and buy the things you already use and keep them organized, then you have nothing to lose except possibly some anxiety. Hope you find something useful here.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Having entered the UK’s second national lockdown, the sensible have already prepped for this.
    Yet panic buying by the sheeple carries on relentlessly.
    There is the immediate danger as the supply chain is as fragile as last time.
    It didn’t help when the government are telling everyone that “If everyone is sensible, there’s enough to go around”.
    Hands up those who believe ANYTHING a government says during an emergency.
    Judging by the instant surge of numbers shopping, I think a lot are ‘skeptical’ to say the least.

    Yet it goes further than that. Summer over, the shelves are clear of items that could be useful in a grid down scenario. Wanna take a guess where many of those items come from? Yep, China.

    Thus, it’s difficult to see how ‘too late’ preppers can stock up on the essentials.

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  2. Very well stated.
    We’ve done the best we can but with the loss of Wonderful Wife’s income and helping to support several family members who lost their jobs previously we’re going to have to make due with what is already stocked up. We will replace what we use but we won’t be adding any inventory until we replace her income.
    Take care and God bless.

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