Biden/Harris: You’re Screwed, We Promise!

The Biden/Harris clown car is rolling in to town and it’s no laughing matter. The gibberish spewing from the hard left should sound like a joke to anyone with even a partially functioning brain, but alas these idiots are serious. If the challenges to this fraudulent election fail, folks, it’s gonna get ugly.

First of all, old China Joe really won’t be an issue as they will have him locked in the basement inside 6 months and quickly install the most radical Senator in history as the single most powerful person in the world. God help us. As a side note: considering her personal history, I find her quest to legalize prostitution completely appropriate for her.

A massive tax increase has been promised, return of the Obamacare penalty, taxing 401Ks, you name it. I’ve seen some charts showing a top Federal rate of 62%, yes, that’s just your Federal tax rate. I suspect many of the Biden/Harris supporters don’t actually pay any taxes so this really isn’t an issue for them. I clearly remember paying nearly a third of my paycheck in income taxes under Bill Clinton; Harris won’t let you keep nearly that much.

Zero emissions, ban fracking, ban offshore drilling, no pipelines, end the oil industry; sounds good if you’re a High School drop out named Greta, but the real world doesn’t work that way. So called ‘green energy’ simply isn’t capable of getting the job done right now, the technology simply does not yet exist. Wind and solar farms are horribly inefficient at best, and simply saying otherwise doesn’t make it so. Question, will the farm tractors, harvesters and large trucks needed to get our food to market be wind or solar powered? Not only will we be reliant on others for oil (again) we will now have to import nearly all of our food. Brilliant!

Well, if all that wasn’t enough to ruin your day, how about Defunding the Police while disarming honest citizens? Again, this is something that sounds way too stupid to be true, but they are deadly serious. Quick question, who hates the police? Seriously, who hates the police so much that they think the country would be better off with no law enforcement at all? Then these same fools take steps to insure that honest citizens do not have the ability to defend themselves and therefore they and their families become easy prey. So when those friendly Biden/Harris supporters are kicking down your front door and there are no police to respond or even investigate after the fact, you can thank the thousands of Civil War veterans who rose to the challenge and voted for the Biden/Harris ticket. Note: should they actually try to disarm the citizens in this part of the country, it will be a bloodbath. I have no doubts that any attempt at gun confiscation here will spark a civil war with consequences we simply can not fathom. I have to wonder if that’s what they’re hoping for.

I usually try to keep the posts short and sweet, and I’ve been rambling much longer than usual, but there’s one more thing we need to discuss; lock downs. A Biden/Harris ‘advisor’ stated earlier this week that the Country needs a 4-6 week full lockdown to ‘stimulate the economy.’ Yes, that’s what they said. Pray tell how shutting down the economy, boosts the economy? How does putting people out of work, how does shutting down already struggling businesses stimulate the economy? How much will you really care about Greta and her green energy if you can’t leave your house, again? If you thought 2020 was a train wreck, folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

God help us.


  1. All the fools who pulled the lever for Biden because they hate trump will be the first complaining about the tax hike. Also, if your small business has been destroyed thanks to COVID and you voted Biden, you are the emissary of your own destruction.

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  2. firstly being a prepper has being paying off We are the ones least affected by whats happening around us and with our experience in the field we are ahead in coping with whats to come

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