Black Friday may look a bit different year, but you can bet there will still be some good deals and a fight or 2 at Walmart over a TV or video game. Personally I never venture out in to that shopping madness, but I really have to wonder what they are going to do differently this year to, you know, prevent the COVID thing. If staying out after 10 pm puts you at greater risk of COVID then how is it safe to line up outside the stores at midnight, but I digress. I’ve been checking the websites of several of the large brick and mortar retailers and so far haven’t seen any restrictions listed. Arguably just as popular and maybe even more so this year, is Cyber Monday where you can find deals at all your favorite online retailers on, well you guessed it, Monday. Deals, deals, deals. Remember, it’s not really a deal if you don’t actually need it. Me, I will have a few wish list items and will compare online pricing all while enjoying my morning coffee. Tomorrow (the day after) I will cruise through Home Depot and Lowes for remaining deals after the crowds have subsided. You can usually find some good deals on batteries, knives, hand tools, etc. while still avoiding the crowds.

Note: if you are seriously concerned about COVID-19, then why on earth would you venture out shopping on the day when the stores will jammed full of shoppers? If you are truly worried about infection, why risk this much exposure to save a couple dollars on a toaster? I guarantee some of the same people I see driving alone in their car wearing a mask, will be lined up for a ‘deal.’

Prepping is more than just canned goods and bottled water folks; you need to be financially stable or at least making strides in that direction. So a word of warning for all you happy little shoppers; watch your spending! If you’ve been paying any attention to what’s going on in the world then you should know that now is not the time to take on debt! Now is not the time to over spend, not the time to run up that credit card, now is not the time to buy gifts you can’t afford. Don’t let the excitement of the season lead you to over doing it; set a budget and stick to it. OK, I’ll get off my soap box for now.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, take care and God Bless.

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  1. Non preppers, COVIDIOTS and the credit card generation. I’ve no time for them.
    Let them all fall from the virus or drown under a mountain of debt.

    Just as long as they stack their belongings neatly on the sidewalk for us lesser mortals to sift through.

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