Welcome New Neighbors/Preppers

Finding and preparing a bugout location is a lofty goal for many preppers particularly if you live in or near a major metropolitan area where you might have to travel a great distance to find an out of the way place. The rise of the ‘tiny house’ in recent years has made this somewhat more affordable, but setting up a separate residence purely as an emergency get away can get very costly and simply unaffordable for many. However, with power hungry Governors locking down businesses, church’s and even grocery stores in some areas, the need for an escape plan is greater than ever.

Driving home from the range recently I noticed some activity in an unusual spot, a small gravel drive had been added to this steep mountain road where previously there had been nothing. Over the course of a couple of weeks I would see a couple of vehicles come and go including a travel trailer; an electricity pole was added, and now a wooden shed seems to be all that remains on the property. I could be completely wrong, but this looks like it could be someone’s bug out location and its not the first time over the last few months that sheds and other small structures have popped up out here in the boonies. When you think about it, a small shed could be used to store a significant amount of supplies and act as a temporary shelter if needed. I believe a shed by itself would be less than ideal, but I imagine its better than a tent, and could be made reasonably secure. If nothing else it could provide a stash spot and an alternative if you’re unable to reach your chosen bugout location.

New neighbors

We purchased our home here originally as a vacation home/bug out location 15 years ago now, and eventually moved here permanently. We live at the end of a remote dead end road which sees very little traffic other than UPS/FedEx delivering us our goodies and is remote enough that the post office will not even deliver here. I knew there were a few wooded lots for sale on the road, and had seen some activity at one particular spot where 2 vehicles with New Jersey plates were parked recently. Two days ago a large travel trailer arrived at the property, yesterday a truck and quad runner were visible, and sometime overnight a large metal shipping container was delivered. It looks like I have neighbors. I’ll be watching from a distance as I doubt they’re looking to make friends.

Do you have an escape plan? Have you selected where you might go if you needed to leave your home? Are you heading to the mountains or aunt Nelly’s place in Alabama? Are you planning to hunker in place and try to wait it out?

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Hunker down is our first choice.
    Flooding is our main concern. We are 500 m from the sea defenses, so we will have little time to bug out, if any, if the area early defense systems fail.
    That’s landline, mobile, siren or maroon from the coast guard station.

    We have 4 independent and occasionally crossing routes to high ground (which allows for re-routing), all within 15 minutes. So our options regarding flight are thorough, even if we do end up a bit ‘wet’.

    The other danger is riot/criminal attack. If that is the case, even with the threat of flooding, to bug out would be more dangerous than staying put.

    We both appreciate that outside, on foot or car, you are always just a statistic waiting to happen.

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  2. I live in Montana, so I feel pretty safe in our current location. However, I would feel a lot better if we had an escape plan. I’m contemplating buying a piece of property in the sticks and putting up a yurt of some sort. Something totally off grid where we could be self sufficient. Time will tell and I still haven’t decided, but times are getting scary right now. The fact that they are testing their limits with controlling us means that in the near future they will be taking it one step further.

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