The Puppet is Installed: Now What?

January 20th, 2021 will inevitably be remembered as one of the darkest days in American history; a milestone of the great reset. The dark forces within our society have succeeded in installing a puppet to do their bidding in the destruction of what was once the United States. The radical left has seized complete control of the US government and nothing short of a civil war can stop them. The explosion of liberal policies has already started and the drumbeat grows louder as they march us towards a police state. Notice the 25,000 troops and 12 foot high fences they used to protect a virtual inauguration; they were sending you a message.

The left, along with their allies in the media and big tech, have effectively destroyed the 1st Amendment and are promising to destroy the 2nd Amendment as well. Social media giants are promoting propaganda while blocking and banning anything that doesn’t fit their perverted world view. Left wing zealots are calling for ‘citizen investigators’ to monitor and report the actions of Trump supporters, nothing creepy there! Some have gone as far as calling for children of conservatives to be removed from their homes and sent to re-education camps, you know, for their own good! It’s hard to believe how far and how fast we have fallen courtesy of evil men and a Chinese virus. Can the box cars be far behind?

There an old saying that ‘you can vote in socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out,’ and that’s likely true, but short of a civil war, what can we do to survive? I’ve been asking myself this very question for many weeks now and my crystal ball is still a bit fuzzy. I definitely don’t have all the answers, but the following are a few of the things we have done or are currently working on.

Be the grey man. Operational security is going to be more critical than ever. Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and then you’re suddenly bombarded with ads related to that conversation? Your TV, phone, PC, smart speaker, etc. are literally spying on you; be aware and act accordingly. Watch your social media usage; stop telling people your political beliefs, your daily habits and when you’re not home! No bumper stickers on your car/truck; nothing political, religious, or gun related. No NRA stickers on your back window! That goes for your house as well; instead of a ‘we don’t call 911’ sticker try ‘Beware the Dog’ instead. Do not advertise!

Walk the perimeter of your home with a critical eye; what are my weak points, what can I do to be a less desirable target? We have been hardening our doors and windows and adding a new camera system for a bit more advance warning. We normally use our cellphones to communicate when working the property, but we picked up a couple of 2-way radios in case the cellphones become useless, HAM radio is next. Remember, desperate people do desperate things.

Energy will become a major issue. The latest push for ‘green energy’ will push fuel prices through the roof; that $2 a gallon gas we’ve gotten used to will quickly become a thing of the past. China Joe has promised to tax the oil companies out of business; shortages and rolling blackouts are to be expected. Flashlights, headlamps, batteries and candles are relatively inexpensive so stock up accordingly. Alternative methods of heating and lighting your residence might prove be a good investment right now. Where I am, the 20lb tanks of propane are out of stock at many stores and the little 1lb bottles are no where to be found. Note: rising energy prices increases the cost of everything.

Cash. Yes, cash. The Christmas morning bombing in Nashville shut down AT&T internet services and most of the banking network for hundreds of miles and sent many people into a panic. Those with cash were still able to shop, buy gas, etc., those without were pretty much screwed. Due to the massive ‘stimulus’ spending, the markets will likely remain high for now, maybe even 6 months to a year, but eventually the massive debt, high unemployment, bankruptcies, housing collapse and record high taxes will send the markets reeling. We are drawing funds out of our IRAs regardless of the penalties and pulling cash out of the bank. We’re trying to stay off the radar as much as possible by doing everything in small increments, anything over $5000 flags the IRS. Every time we make a purchase, even if it’s just a Diet Coke, we take the maximum cash back amount allowed and do this at every store we visit.

Finally, I would suggest a full review of your pantry and make adjustments as needed. I apologize for the lengthy blog today, but with the Tech giants, including wordpress, taking down so many sites I never know when it will be my turn. God help us.


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