Puppet Installed: Guess I Struck a Nerve

Checking my email this morning I found an unusual amount of wordpress comment notifications, apparently some basement dwelling liberal took offense to someone daring to tell the truth. Well, I believe this will become even more common place as these commies seek to silence anyone who dares disagree with their twisted world view. These brainwashed followers of Puppet will become even bolder as they watch their buddies continue to riot and burn. I do find it strange how these trolls all seem to have an overpowering obsession with their own genitals. But I digress.

Well, since I’m here already, might as well do a quick update on the Puppet’s latest actions for his deep state handlers. As you probably know Puppet killed 11,000 union jobs, angered our neighbors to the north, and almost guaranteed higher energy costs as he killed the Keystone pipeline. Oh, I would be remiss if I failed to mention he has already reversed his previous statement and now says he WILL stop fracking in the US. Countless more jobs lost as Puppet killed the border wall construction, but look on the bright side, his $15 an hour minimum wage will pretty much kill any small business that has managed to stay alive through the lockdowns. Salt in the wound.

Finally, remember Puppet saying that he was going to ‘kill the virus, not the economy?’ Well, yesterday he admitted that there’s ‘nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the virus.’ Well, anyone with an IQ higher than a doorknob (or liberal troll) would have seen through Puppet’s ‘malarkey’ on this one, but sadly we are surrounded by fools. God help us.


  1. The Democrats only take care of the elites and the criminal class, they despise the blue collar American. The Democrat party is at war against working Americans, but 50% of the population is too stupid to seek out information beyond CNN and MSNBC, so here we are.

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