PANIC 2021: A View From the Range

If there’s anything that’s been in high demand over the last 12 months it’s guns, ammo and sometimes toilet paper. While toilet paper currently seems to be back in good supply, guns and ammunition certainly are not. Demand for guns and ammo remains extremely high, but supplies are difficult if not impossible to find. Some retailers still have a few firearms available, but the selection is very limited and you’re more likely to share an Uber with Bigfoot than find a decent price on ammo. Gouging is rampant and the online retailers are among the worst. ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ currently has White Box Winchester 9mm at $119.99 for a 50 round box or 20 rounds of PMC 5.56 for $39.98. Lucky Gunner has 9mm JHP ranging between $46.00 to $59.00, cheap by comparison, but still outrageous. With 23 million firearms sold and 8 million new firearms owners last year along with lockdowns, riots and now a sputtering economy; expect demand to remain high and supplies to continue to shrink. If you needed some more bad news look up HR127, sorry.

I am still a range officer and firearms instructor for the moment, but it’s difficult to train new shooters without ammo to train with. I will certainly be out of a job soon. Small businesses are struggling from the forced lockdowns, excessive mandates and now facing a $15 an hour minimum wage many are doomed to fail. Gun stores however, many of which are small family owned businesses, have remained open and have experienced record sales. However, if supplies continue to remain tight gun stores and ranges will soon begin to fold and nothing would make old China Joe and his merry band of commies happier. Some of the larger retailers might survive as they sell other products, but the smaller retailers are definitely on the bubble. I absolutely understand the demand and even with 8 Billion rounds a year available for the civilian market there simply isn’t enough to go around right now. I keep hearing people say they are ‘going to get into reloading my own,’ well I hate to break it to them but those supplies have dried up as well. If you don’t have ammo in storage or the supplies to make it, you’re probably too late to the game. People are scared and have good reason to be, and desperate people do desperate things, remember people coming to blows over toilet paper?

Preparing for a recession/depression, possible job loss and even eviction is weighing heavy on a large number of Americans. Puppet boy made a lot of promises, but paying for abortions overseas doesn’t help Americans keep food on the table. How long before this clown is sending pallets of cash to Iran again. Face it friends, we are screwed. I am already seeing limited supplies of many of the basics that disappeared back in April; sugar, flour, corn meal, canned soups, etc., which I think is just an early indicator of what’s to come. Stock up now, but do so discreetly.

God help us.


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