So How’s That Green Energy Working Out?

What a week of weather we are having here in the US; ice, snow, tornados, millions without power and hopefully a reality check for some people on the short comings of so called ‘green energy.’ The leftist tree huggers in this country, most notably China ‘I have no idea what I’m signing’ Joe, are demanding our complete reliance on wind and solar power (but not for them of course). If you have eyes to see, then turn them towards Texas and the millions without power and those frozen windmills and snow covered solar panels. Is this what you bargained for? Are you ok with rolling blackouts? Are you ok with freezing your butt off in your own home? Were you actually gullible enough to vote for these morons?

If you follow this blog then you know that I have my own off grid solar system powered currently by 14 100 watt panels so I’m not against ‘clean’ energy, but it’s not nearly as clean or efficient or reliable as they claim. Even after cleaning the snow off the panels (twice today) they aren’t producing much power in these conditions. Solar panels need sun; four days of ice and snow has left the system very low and incapable of powering much more than a laptop and a few lights. I have my generator ready to go, but it doesn’t run on fairy dust and without those evil fossil fuels it would be little more than scrap metal.

The fact is these people are trying to destroy safe reliable sources of energy to force you and everyone else into a warm and fuzzy but false sense of ‘saving the planet.’ The left has been making dire predictions about the end of the world for decades and of course its all man’s fault: new ice age, acid rain, hole in the ozone, rising sea levels, and of course the newest obsession – ‘climate change.’ The same people who once said we were going into an ice age are now saying the seas are gonna boil – the same people. Remember Al Gore and his important (dumb) movie that they were playing in all the schools – and not one single prediction from that movie came true. If these people really believed the garbage they’re selling you then why do they buy ocean front property, yachts and private jets? Liars, hypocrites or both? Think about John Kerry flying to Europe in his private jet to accept a climate award. Seriously people?

Fire up the coal plants and stay warm out there!


  1. Liberals don’t care about the facts. If they can virtue signal to their other elitist friends at cocktail parties about how green their community/city/state is, that’s all that matters. Who cares if the plebs now have rolling blackouts like a third world country. This is the mentality we face.

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