2021: Painful to Watch

If you’ve been paying attention at all through your triple face mask and social distancing, then you know that 2021 like 2020 before it has just been one train wreck after another. Here we are just a year and a half into 2 weeks to flatten the curve and the country continues to circle the drain. Is common sense completely dead? Since when did having a different opinion make you a racist? Since when did working hard to get ahead systemic racism? When did math become white supremacy? What in the hell is going on here? Its now clear why they stopped teaching history in school! Show me your vaccine papers please!

Don’t want to work, no problem, govt. check on the way. Worked hard to get ahead, raising your taxes to make it fair. Defund the Police, because you know, racism. Ban all guns, particularly those evil looking black rifles, for your own safety of course. Open the borders and bus hoards of illegals to your town because, well, Global Warming! Close the prisons and legalize everything, except success, punish success because, well, you know. Welcome to the land of social justice.

Sourced from the Mad Medic

China threatening Taiwan, Russia massing troops near Ukraine, Iran and North Korea are back to their old tricks while the Biden Regime is busy turning our military into a Transgender/LGBTLMNOP social experiment. Our enemies smell blood in the water, they know Biden barely knows what room he’s in and certainly incapable of challenging them. Once the most powerful nation in the world, the US has quickly become a laughing stock under this Regime of fools.

It’s painful to watch.

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