The Time is Now

If you’re paying attention at all you’ve probably come to the conclusion that 2021 is an equally bad sequel to the disaster that was 2020 and I wouldn’t count on 2022 being any better. Remember the toilet paper shortage early last year; paper products, cleaning supplies, wipes, soaps of all kinds were rationed if you could find them at all. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but the worst is yet to come.

The media is not your friend and is ignoring much of what is going on in order to further their political agenda. Everywhere you look there are help wanted signs, but no one is applying. Many of the restaurants that somehow survived last year’s lockdowns are being forced to cut hours or close dining areas due to a lack of workers. The supply chain is in chaos and getting worse. Did you see that Ford and GM are idling most of their production plants due to a shortage of parts? Have you driven past a car dealer lately and wondered where all the new cars are at? But not to worry, more taxes will fix that! Did I mention Afghanistan? Our Southern border? New COVID-19 ‘variants?’ A senile puppet in the White House?

My local Walmart

Inflation is real and is seething into everything we buy. Have you noticed an increase in your food bill lately? The price of good beef has gone through the roof, if you can find it that is. You have probably noticed that not only is there less product on the shelf, but some brands are completely out of stock for some reason. Many large companies function on a ‘just in time’ inventory system which is all and good with a healthy supply chain, but not so much in current conditions. Transportation companies are struggling with high demand, a shortage of drivers and rising fuel costs and consumers are left with fewer choices and higher prices.

More empty shelves

As a fellow blogger Extexanwannabe recently said, the time is now. If you’ve ever considered jumping on the old prepper bandwagon, now is the time. Now, before you run out and drop $1000 on freeze dried food, try simply buying more of what you use on a daily or weekly basis. Stock up on some basic supplies; water, canned fruits and veggies, pasta, sugar, flour, dried beans, etc. Heck, you might want to buy some soap and toilet paper! And for safety sake, please, unless you want to be a target, keep it to yourself.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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  1. I live in one of the more affluent areas and the stores here are all well stocked. Fruit and produce is in demand, so I go to the depot market and buy in bulk. They have things there anyway like red bartlet pears you would never find anywhere else. Red bananas, where you gonna find those? They were good. Look around for other sources. I never go to wally world.

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