Some Last Minute Preps

The world seems to be sliding back to the shortages of last year with empty shelves becoming more and more common. Prior to the COVID disaster our preps here had become less urgent and really just consisted of rotating goods when needed; my how things have changed. Not only have we become much more focused, but so have many of those around us who never really were in the past. Prepping had really gone underground again as the economy was strong and unemployment low, such is clearly no longer the case.

So with the future looking worse by the day we have been looking to shore up our readiness anywhere we can. Here are a few things that we have done that I hope you find helpful.

New glasses. Most vision centers were closed during the lock downs so with them now operating almost normally we decided now might be a good time to update our prescription eye glasses. Yes, script had changed a bit and it was rather costly, but we kept our old ones as back up as well as purchasing some cheap readers in various strengths. Good for a while! Dentist anyone?

New generator. This one wasn’t really part of the plan, but when I fired it up for it monthly test there was a problem. My 20 year old Craftsman fired up on the second pull, but to my great disappointment, was not generating electricity. Not good. A good generator isn’t cheap, but considering all the turmoil in the world, decided to purchase two of them. The standard generators like my old one are a good source of electricity unless you need to run more sensitive electronics or appliances. So we purchased a small inverter generator for that (more on that in a future post), and are still shopping for a larger dual fuel. Pricey yes, put hard to put a price on peace of mind.

More fuel. We topped off the big propane fuel tank earlier this year, but we have added several more 20 lb. tanks and a bunch of the little one lb. tanks that disappeared from the shelves last year. Just yesterday I stopped at Lowes and picked up 2 more 5 gallon gas cans to go with another I bought last week. Heading to the gas station to fill them here shortly and with gas now at $3.19 here (Let’s Go Brandon!) its gonna be an expensive trip. Note: never let your car/truck get under half a tank. Oh, and when was your last oil change?

Cash. With the economy teetering on disaster and the lefties wanting access to your bank account, now might be a good time to get some cash under the mattress. Instead of making direct withdrawals, we have been using the cash back options every time we shop. Fewer transactions and your back record just reflects normal shopping. And no, don’t really put it under the mattress, the bedroom is the first place a burglar goes.

Firearms training. This is a tough one these days as ammo prices remain ridiculous, however it remains critical. I recently did some pistol and rifle training with some family members who had no previous experience, but have decided to take more responsibility for their own safety. With the defund the police morons and some bumbling old fool saying that 1st responders must get the jab or be fired, you need to be ready.

Yes, there are many, many more, but this is already far longer than I intended. Final note, unless you are planning to share your preps with someone, do not tell them about your preps!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Just bought a Duromax duel fuel 12K watt. Having a manual transfer switch installed on breaker box. Went to propane supplier. No 40lb cans and don’t know when they’ll have any. They did have 30 lb cans to refurbish but no valves, which may be delivered in the next week. Plenty of the 20 pounders. Hope it’s better than this in you’re area.


    1. Depends on what you want to run. If it has a chip of any kind the generator might, might fry that product. If there is not a chip in what you want to run, then a regular generator is your best deal


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