Security Fail, Don’t Do This!

Where to start. It was a nice fall Saturday and I had spent most of the morning just tooling around the yard doing fall clean up. I was inside taking a little break when my 2 little dogs started yapping. This wasn’t unusual with the large amount of deer that frequent the yard and I was expecting FedEx at some point so I had left the gate open. I check the security cameras and see a white vehicle coming up the driveway, delivery time I think, so up and out the front door I go. Here’s where it goes south. No, it wasn’t FedEx, but 4 people in an SUV all of which quickly exit the vehicle. I was not exactly pleasant as I gave them the old ‘what do you want.’ Two of the people were interested in buying some property behind mine that is landlocked and the other two had inherited it and were trying to sell. Anyway they asked if they could walk through and I’m thinking why not you’re already trespassing! So anyway I begrudgingly walked them down the hill and across the creek to where they could walk the property themselves.

OK, so what’s the problem? The problem is, I know better! Here I am, standing in the middle of the woods with 4 complete strangers, without my cell phone, without my firearm and my wife has no idea where I am. How dumb can I be? I never leave the house without my cell, knife and firearm, yet here I am. Because I was expecting a delivery my guard was down and that can turn bad very quickly. Sometimes the fact that we live in a very rural area we can make us complacent, same as living in a nice ‘safe’ neighborhood or secure apartment building. We can get lulled into a false sense of security. Remember the couple in St Louis when the BLM mob climbed over the walls of their gated community? Think it could happen where you are? It all ended amicably, but my stupid mistake cost me some sleep.

It’s important to learn from every mistake we make, so we’re going to be keeping the gate, not only closed, but locked. We’ve put a large plastic bin near the top of the drive for UPS and FedEx to drop the packages safely and out of the weather. Now, time for some target practice.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. Pretty scary story. Yes, we can tend to let our guard down in name of “trying not to appear racist or paranoid.” After all, we’ve all been labeled racist; so in order to show the opposite, we could let down our usual guard and open our door as long as the stranger has a company label on his shirt. Another gift the left has given us all: fear of being labeled racist.

    Rule of thumb: If you aren’t expecting a delivery or repairperson, talk through the door rather than open it. That’s what I usually do whether they like it or not no matter their race or gender. It only takes one time to let your guard down and find yourself in a scary predicament. You must have been freaked out without your cell.

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  2. I have a decades long habit (long story) … A firearm and knife are always on me … or within easy reach … even when I bathe or sleep. No exceptions. (I wear a holster to bed, and the weapons are with me, not on the bedside table) And, in my opinion, I’m not being paranoid enough. After awhile it just becomes a habit. As for a phone, I’m not calling anyone if I use them.

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      1. Dang…
        I feel your pain. We too, must leave the gate open for FedEx, or they’ll leave it at the gate, subject to anyone driving by to steal it.
        I have often thought about a sign that reads “If you are not UPS, FedEx, or the Post Office, you are trespassing” …

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