Long Dark Winter Ahead

These are probably words you have been hearing repeated over and over lately as the country continues to spiral out of control. Many experts are predicting that the cost to heat your home this winter could be as much as 54% higher than last, well that’s some good news! The rising cost of fuel, electricity, food and just about anything you might want or need is going to put a hurt on most American households. Those 20 lb. propane canisters went from $19 a refill to $23 and purchasing an additional tank cost me $64 this time. Heck, just filling up the gas cans for my generator was $59 alone and this is only the beginning.

Part of being prepared is having back ups to your back ups and ways to heat your home should be no exception. Note: depending on what type of dwelling you are in may limit what types of alternative heat you can use. We have a central heating and air system fueled by propane/electric, but with the usually mild winters here we typically use those portable infrared heaters most of the time as they tend to be quite efficient. These 1500 watts units are light weight and can easily be used with our generator if the power is out. The back up to these is our 3 Little Buddy indoor propane heaters. If you plan to go this route be sure to get the units rated for indoor use as most models even of this same brand are not. Little Buddy Review

The urgency of back up heating options is likely based on where you live, however, don’t forget what happened in Texas last year. I know of people who lived in apartments but had to resort to living in their cars to stay warm during the wide spread power outage in a typically mild weather area. Do not depend on the government to take care of you! Depending on where you live the leaves might just be starting to change or snow and ice might be just around the corner. Some experts are predicting a record cold winter, that remains to be seen, but preparing now just might keep you warm and cozy while others are not so lucky.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. The bigger problem will be GETTING fuel or propane . Gotta stock up now! Heaters or cars dont work without fuel! Obumma is working hard to make that a problem!

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