Empty Shelves Biden

It’s getting a bit scary out there friends. The official hair sniffer and ice cream eater in the White House stumbles and stutters almost as bad as our economy right now. Reports are coming in from all around the country of empty store shelves, shortages of many items and quickly rising prices across the board. At one point Biden mumbled something about deploying the National Guard to help with the massive backlog of ships off the CA coast, but the White House quickly backpedaled knowing the Unions would crush them for it.

Build Back Better, brought to you by people who have never built anything and the results are as you would expect .Yes, Build Back Better is working out swimmingly. Now in his defense, I don’t think old Slo Joe is really in charge of anything other than maybe whether to have Jello or pudding before his naptime. If you watched any of that CNN staged propaganda piece they called a ‘Townhall’ then you should be quite aware that something is very wrong right now. Who or what is pulling the strings?

Most Popular President ever!

Coffee, tea, good beef and chicken, pet food, fruit juices, paper products and various other items are hit or miss from store to store. I have gone back to my COVID-19 habit of scouring the local grocery and discount stores every couple of days and visiting neighboring towns as well. So far I have been able to not only maintain but actually increase my current level of supplies, but the question is, how long will that last. The back up in those CA ports is NOT getting better, quite the contrary, but the problem is much larger than just ports. Oh, and just so you know, our highly qualified Transportation Secretary has been on ‘maternity leave’ for 2 months and says the problem is that YOU are just buying too much.

Cat Food
Dog Food
Spray Paint

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, better known as Chuckie from the horror film series of the same name, has said these are just ‘high class problems’ and we need to lower our expectations. Spoken like a true Marxist.

The lack of products isn’t the only issue, the price of what is available is getting ridiculous; tried to buy steak lately? I was Home Depot yesterday hoping to pick up a couple more plastic shelving units. I have a bunch of these in my basement, nothing special 36wx18dx72h usually $39 sometimes $29 on special, but not this time! Nope, $69! Ugh. Guess I’m done buying those.

Recently I read that these clowns want to fine ships for waiting too long off the CA coast?!?! How pray tell will that get products to the store faster? Of course that little gem quicky disappeared as anyone with any cranial activity at all would immediately know how stupid that is.

High demand and short supply will always drive up prices, but when you mix that with pumping trillions of new dollars into the system while running up a massive crippling debt, inflation will likely get far worse before it gets better. There’s an old saying that you can vote your way into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out. Unfortunately, we may find out sooner than later. Let’s Go Brandon!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


  1. YEA it makes me SICK! I work in a store! Many things ordered and we dont get em! And prices of the stuff we get? UNBELIEVABLE! I think our military needs to get involved in ESCOURTING these ships in! WITH their cargo! However I AM in favor of MADE IN AMERICA!

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