About Those ‘Experts’

Where to start. Like other preppers I’m always searching for information; staying up on recent events, new gear, new methods and ideas. My goals are likely the same as yours, just trying to be better prepared, little by little, one day at a time. I do NOT consider myself an expert; I simply share the things I’ve learned so hopefully others may benefit. With all the information out there it’s often difficult to cut through the noise to the actual information. Many of the YouTube creators take what amounts to 3 minutes of information and stretch it out to 20 minutes to manipulate the algorithms for more traffic. What’s worse is after awhile you start to realize some of these folks really don’t practice what they preach.

So, I won’t say the name of the channel as it’s not my goal to embarrass them or even cast them in a bad light, I simply want to make you aware that not all these preparedness channels are equal. So, I was watching a video from a so called prepping expert and they were warning about storing a certain type of fruit. According to their story they had been away from their home for several months and in that short time they had a couple of leaking cans in two separate pantries. They complained about the contamination of other foods and all the waste it caused. They warned you should never store this fruit and if you do it must be consumed long before the ‘best by’ date. Hogwash. It just so happens that I have cans of this fruit stored and a couple that were past their ‘best by’ dates. So I grabbed one, opened it up and the wife and I enjoyed some delicious Dole chunk pineapple. Looked great, tasted even better. I knew it was past it’s date because I use a sharpie and write the dates clearly on the cans when I store them – no guess work.

More here on Best By Dates

Now I can’t say what went wrong with those 2 cans she had other than her apparent lack of organization. First of all both storage areas she showed looked more like a kitchen cabinet than a prepper pantry, not organized by type, not dated; just random foods shoved in there together. She even admitted in the video that she didn’t know they were ‘hidden’ back there. Yes, this person is telling you to never store this fruit because she is clearly disorganized. If you like pineapple and want to store pineapple then do so, it has a shelf life of at least 2 years and likely longer.

So think about it this way, Oprah Winfrey claims to be an expert on health, marriage, child rearing, climate change, you name it. Yet, she’s never been married, never had kids, severely overweight but still does those weight watchers commercials, etc., some expert huh? The lesson here is buyer beware; not all these so called experts have your best interest in mind. Keep learning and prepping, but be wary of your sources.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


    1. I work in a grocery store. I see many dented cans! VERY seldom do they leak! we mark em down to half price and sell em off a discount table. But in the RARE occasion one leaks, its thrown in garbage. OPRAH is a POS BTCH.

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  1. When I get a dented can I might worry about, or notice I’m passing a “best by” date, (it happens to all of us) I put the goodies in my dehydrator, dry it, and repackage, adding another year or so to its usefulness.
    (By the way, thanks for this blog. I keep coming back to see what’s next)

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