Wars and Rumors of War

The world is inching closer to war by the day, yet the media is strangely silent about it. You may or may not know that Russia has massed 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine; I wonder if Hunter is there with his oil buddies? ‘Migrants’ at the behest of Belarus are attacking the Polish border in an effort to push into Central Europe. Russia just shot down one of their old satellites in a clear provocation to the West and recklessly endangering the International Space Station. China just successfully tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile and is reported to be rapidly increasing their nuclear stockpile. Iranian helicopters harassing American flagged ships and N. Korea up to their old tricks again. Oh, did I forget to mention that crazy old codger in the White House just had his own Saigon moment as he declared defeat in Afghanistan abandoning Billions of dollars worth of military equipment to our enemies and leaving Americans trapped behind enemy lines? Did I miss anything? Cartels pouring across our southern border, record high drug overdoses, record high homicide rates, the purging of our military and 1st responders, on and on it goes.

So why doesn’t this make the news? Why does the media refuse to report what’s going in the world? I suspect it’s for the same reason they are trying to downplay inflation, gas prices, food shortages, real unemployment, etc., the socialist elites are in power and that must be protected at all cost. Nothing to see here!

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed.” – Mark Twain

The West has foolishly bet the farm on green energy and once again made us reliant on the Middle East and even Russia for our energy needs. The Dementia Joe Regime is doubling down on stupid and attempting to shut down more pipelines making us even more dependent and pushing prices through the roof. So what happens if we have a harsh winter in the US and/or Europe and Russia and/or OPEC decide to turn off the tap? Will you be able to afford to heat your home? The trucking industry is barely able to get food to the stores now, what happens if gas prices double or even triple?

The general public is basically unaware of much outside their own face book feed and the steady diet of ‘fact checked’ propaganda they are fed and sadly unable to think much for themselves. They believe what they are told to believe no matter how ridiculous it might seem to someone who can think critically. Crisis upon crisis is stacking up against us yet so few are prepared for any kind of real emergency. Nope, everything is fine, put on your mask and get your 5 year old their 3rd booster and everything will be just fine.

Forget hoping for the best, prepare for the worst, now.


  1. With parents/the public rebelling, minorities moving right, the progressives social insanity, and the obvious failures of the left’s financial policies, the left is gradually being rejected … and they know it.
    With all that occurring, I can see the left eventually spiraling into desperate madness at being rejected–like a psychotic ex–and make the decision that if they can’t have us, no one can. Thus, war and total destruction. Fun times.

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