Patience is a Virtue…

We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait and that may very well be true, but there’s also the early bird gets the worm and my all-time favorite ‘slow feet don’t eat.’ Looking around the stores these days and even online retailers, if you wait too long there just might not be anything left. Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve still likely heard of shortages of basic food staples such as dairy and pasta. Normal grocery items are harder to find and getting more expensive by the day. Having spent the better part of this morning shopping for ammo, well, let’s just say what’s in stock is quite expensive.

100Pcs I Did That Stickers

As I stated in a recent post, I’ve been buying some commercially produced freeze dried food in the #10 Cans, but prices are rising and many items are just not available. I had purchased several Auguson Farms products from Amazon, but when I went to buy more they were out, so I went straight to their website which showed almost every product out of stock. Note: their website states that they are producing and shipping more product right now than at any time in their 49-year history. I have ordered a few Nutristore products from Amazon, but they have yet to arrive. The folks over at seemed to have most products in stock, but their prices are a bit higher. Note: have you noticed that the Amazon Prime 2-day shipping is taking way longer than 2 days?

The folks in DC are telling us that inflation in only running at 7% and only temporary so no need to worry. These are the same nice, trustworthy folks that keep saying there are no shortages, Biden saved Christmas and solved the supply chain crisis by telling those darn cargo ships to stay farther offshore so they can’t be seen. Brilliant! With ‘the most popular President in history’ polling at 33% the propaganda machine is running full tilt. The tech giants are censoring to the point the Chinese are getting jealous, not to mention all the internet trolls commenting from their mom’s basement trying to drown you out.

Pasta aisle at Walmart yesterday

In the immortal words of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, ‘the things that come to those who wait might be the things left over from those who got there first!’ Ignore the warnings at your own peril, me, I’ll be stacking it high, stacking it deep.

Prepare now, time is short.


  1. YES its GOING to get ugly! MUCH worse in days ahead. Democrats know what will happen next NOV election! THEY will move fast now before that date

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  2. BUT one more thing Id add, besides filling the pantry….Freezers you just dont know cuz if theres no electricity that frozen wont stay frozen….BUT BE FERVENT IN PRAYER and relationship with GOD! Even more important than food!

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