Millions in Denial

Heads planted firmly in their, well, you get the idea. You’ve likely heard talk of big tech censoring pictures and video of empty store shelves and slapping their ‘fact checkers’ label on them as false. But why you might ask? Well, because they expose the facts and in today’s media driven socialist controlled society facts are not only irrelevant but dangerous to the approved narrative. The supply chain is broken, millions have left the work force and the economy is in absolute shambles, yet so many are in perpetual denial. Nope, to them it’s all rainbows and unicorns. Armed robbery isn’t even a felony in NY City anymore. Everything’s fine. Looting and burning businesses is just a peaceful protest and not only acceptable, but noble according to the media. Everything’s fine. It’s perfectly normal to coverup a ‘transgender’ raping a teenage girl in the school bathroom but arresting the father for complaining about it. Perfectly normal. Bumbling Joe Biden stating the death of George Floyd was more significant than MLK? Perfectly normal. Repeat after me, ‘everything is fine.’

Clearly you are imagining this

As I’ve stated before, I read a lot of prepper blogs and watch a lot of YouTube videos and you see the trolls (likely the same ones) popping up their snide remarks on nearly all of them. They love to call us all idiots, the shortages either don’t exist or they are our fault, Biden’s doing a great job and other propaganda. They believe their ‘truth’ is the only truth, facts be damned. These will be the same useful idiots pounding on your door begging for help when their Door Dash app isn’t working.

From Jay352

There is a mentality known as ‘normalcy bias’, where no matter how stark the warning, no matter how dire the situation, the person continues to believe that everything is fine, everything is normal, you know, like transitory inflation. When I was in school, I was puzzled why people would willingly load themselves into railroad cars, I couldn’t fathom how people could be so blind, so brainwashed, but it’s painfully clear now. These people believe whatever they are told, they will do whatever they are told and all without question. This is the real zombie hoard, the useful idiots. However, if you dare question anything (or use the wrong pronoun) you are a domestic terrorist and a threat to the nation. I never thought I would see the day, but here we are.

Prepare now, the time is short.


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