But What if I’m Wrong?

We all have our self-doubts at times and preppers are certainly no exception. The world is absolutely crazy right now and many of us, me included, have been piling supplies to the rafters. We all hope, I assume, to survive what’s coming down the road or at least soften the blow a bit. The threats are everywhere; lockdowns in China, crop failures across the globe, runaway inflation, supply chain disaster, and a war in Europe that could rapidly expand. Looking around it’s really no wonder that prepping has once again grown in popularity.

Wonderful wife has been onboard with me as a prepper from the very beginning as we started out young and broke and neither of us had any money to speak of growing up. My parents both grew up on farms before moving to the rust belt for work in the late 50’s so canning and freezing food was normal to me growing up. Recently the wife was subtlety suggesting that maybe I had acquired enough of a particular canned food which I admit did plant a seed of doubt. Now, I’ve had those thoughts before, you may have as well, when you wonder do I have too much? Am I crazy piling up all this stuff? Will someone just have to throw this all out when I die? What if I’m wrong?

But what if I’m right?

Store what you eat, store what you use. I don’t like Spam or Ramen so I don’t store Spam or Ramen. If we are smart about our preparedness, then we store (mostly) things that we use regularly. If we stay organized and rotate our stores properly, we will eventually use those products with very little waste. Then again, that is a lot of ‘ifs.’ If you seem to be getting out of balance on an item or two you can always donate to a church or food pantry as long as the best by dates are still good. With the cost of food literally skyrocketing you are at the very least reducing the effect of inflation on your budget. Look around today and decide for yourself, do I have enough?

I can eat my mistake if I’m wrong, but what will you eat if I’m right?


  1. Fun article! Doubt – hmmm; every time my husband puts another pkg of toilet paper in the utility closet, he rolls his eyes and gets ‘that look’ on his face. But I didn’t take the situation seriously early on and wound up spending an inordinate amount of money for – of all things! – fuscia-colored tp! Because that’s all I could get.

    There’s a basic disconnect between men and women and what happens in the bathroom. Men only have to use toilet paper occasionally; women have to use it every single time we use the facility. Therefore – ergo – we need twice the amount of paper that men do. This makes perfect sense to me and none to my husband.

    Stepping outside the bathroom … only buy those things you and your family enjoy eating. You were completely correct; why buy something that no one in your family eats? I do my little prepping exercises as well; right now I’m trying to figure out how to buy and warehouse a tractor-trailer of Hershey’s dark chocolate.

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  2. Sounds like a few conversations I’ve had with the wife…she’s usually on board with whatever I do…the big freeze we had last year made my case, when our well pipes burst, and we had no water. We used the 75 gallons of water I had stored to flush toilets, wash dishes for three weeks, until a fellow prepper repaired the well for us. She said “I’ll never question anything you have stored again”
    I have that quote etched in stone.
    Good post!

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      1. Great point! I have a theory about that. I think that as people get older, they eventually become on the outside what they really are on the inside. It explains why so many demons and hags look the way they do.

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