Are You Seeing the Anger Too?

People have become depressed, angry, even desperate and you see it everywhere and I sincerely doubt that will improve any time soon. I live in a very rural southern area where people tend to be pretty laid back, but nearly every time I venture into town lately, I see more and more aggression. People driving faster and more aggressive, more middle finger salutes and lot’s more road rage. Sometimes it’s like being back in Chicago!

Lock downs, mandates, remote schooling, work from home, businesses closed, higher prices, understaffed businesses, empty shelves, skyrocketing fuel prices – people are starting to feel the pinch. Those stimulus checks are long gone yet so many are quitting their job or refusing to go back to work. Many are demanding another stimulus check because that X Box they bought last time won’t cover their rent. The last two years have been difficult for everyone, but some people made very bad decisions during that time and are taking out their frustration on anyone and everyone they can. Sadly, those who continued to work or have returned to work retail, restaurants, and other service industry jobs seem to be taking the blunt of the aggression. No one wants to wait 10 minutes in the drive thru, but why take it out on those who actually showed up to work? Come on folks, we should be better than that. ‘I want to see your manager!!!’

Then we have the mass shootings. If the media was honest, then Chicago, Philly, Baltimore, Detroit, etc., would be top news every day for the number of shootings, robberies, car jackings, rapes, etc., yet they choose to ignore that because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Heck, Seattle no longer even investigates sexual assault!

Our society is in decay. No, it will not get better. The worse the economy gets; the more desperate people will become. Now is the time to review your security: how secure is your home really? If you have a firearm, are you proficient with it, have you taken any real training, when was the last time you fired it, is it even loaded? If you have to venture out, is there a friend who can come along? Keep your awareness level high. Put away your phone, head on a swivel and be ready to respond if necessary.

God help us.


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