Evil in the Streets

Turn on any news channel and the politically driven violence plaguing our cities is once again raging for all to see. When ‘protesters’ block streets and highways and destroy public and private property because they didn’t get their way, the safety of everyone is at risk. When grandstanding politicians exclaim that ‘elections are not enough’ the risk of civil war looms large. Our society is crumbling. Random acts of violence such as the ‘knock out game’ have become common place and on the rare occasion they actually arrest someone, the liberal DA’s put them right back on the street. While crime rages out of control, your wonderful leaders in Washington are doing everything in their power to disarm you. Let’s not forget that the police stood outside while children were executed by a monster not only not helping but actually preventing help from getting inside.

Location is obviously a major factor and here in rural America where I live, we are obviously more insulated from the violence, yet it grows closer by the day and nowhere is completely safe. So far, the violent left has stuck to destroying their own towns, but at some point, they may feel the need to come to your town. Your safety is your responsibility and now is certainly no time to let your guard down. If you are confronted, what is your planned response? Are you armed? Less than lethal? Have you really even thought about it? Do you really need to run that errand, is there really not a safer area to shop in, do you have to go alone or can you wait till a friend can go with you?

Awareness and Avoidance. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! Ever see those videos where someone walks into a tree or fountain or something similar because their face is buried in their phone? When you are out, keep your head on a swivel and walk with purpose. If you know they are going to be blocking streets and such, stay out of the area, stay home if you can. Having extra food and supplies isn’t just for the zombie apocalypse, it lets you hunker down at home without having to run out for supplies. The best way out of a bad situation is to not be there in the first place.

All part of the plan. Sky high energy costs, empty shelves, no baby formula, stock market falling, interest rates rising, outrageous housing costs, defund the police, exploding violence, war in Europe, government corruption, water shortages, failing crops – The Great Reset: You will own nothing and be happy. Evil comes in many forms, be prepared.


  1. The riots and destruction of property is by design yes. Just like whaqt happened at capital, JAN 6th! ALL planned by DEM PARTY! Antifa and BML members paid to infiltrate and act like trump supporters all for purpose of blaming TRUMP! Thats why Pelosi and Schumer turned down Trumps request for national guard troops present! Civil war is likely! They will NEVER get americans guns!

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