Shed the Toxic People Around You

Why live with the poison? Recently a fellow blogger did a great piece about having lunch with a friend who is a Democrat and the toxicity that comes with such these days. (I’ll link the article at the bottom.) I admit that I used to enjoy a good political discussion back when such a thing existed, basically Pre-Obama era. These days the left is so constantly poised to explode, ready to be triggered by anything and everything they disagree with. How dare you not absorb every word of wisdom from CNN as the gospel truth and sacrifice your children at the alter of Planned Parenthood. How dare you not proudly fly the BLM and LGBTLMNOP+ flags? You can’t disagree with them on anything without being called a string of offensive terms. No more. Why put up with such crap?

My mother-in-law has always been fairly conservative, but pretty non-political. However, when the jab was being forced on us, she refused simply because she wasn’t convinced it was safe. Her brother, big lefty, would call her repeatedly demanding she get it, and calling her some really nasty names. The wife and I repeatedly expressed that she should just block him, which she eventually did. Think about that for a moment, trashing your own flesh and blood for not getting a shot. Who needs that? Life is hard enough these days without having to listen to some sheep yammering on about ‘their truth.’ Seriously, if you have a friend, I’m not talking just a co-worker or similar, but an actual friend who thinks Joe Biden is doing a great job, supports BLM and Antifa, etc., what could you possibly have in common with them? Find peace, just say no.

Note: With the recent Supreme Court decisions now is an excellent opportunity to clean up your social media friends list. 🙂

Referenced article: Interview with a Democrat Part II

Prepare now, time is short.


  1. Definitely a topic for our times – sigh. My brother (may he rest in peace) and my two sisters are Leftists. Because we do, indeed, love each other, we have agreed to never discuss politics. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, they chatted back and forth on FB with outrage at the decision. I got a cryptic email from my younger sister (we’re talking 63 yrs old here, so no way a ‘kid’) asking if I’d heard the decision. I replied that I had. That was the end of the conversation, lol!

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  2. Thanks for referencing my blog. Appreciate it! Yesterday my sister and brother in law walked into my house fully masked. I asked them to remove them as no one has covid here. They refused. They said, “Let us do what we feel right.” These were ugly pointy masks. I wanted to see her face. Hadn’t seen her in months. I find it to be insulting. Big libs too.

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