Plant Something, Anything Pt 2

Been to the grocery store lately? WOW. Prices are getting stupid, and the quality of produce (what little there is) has gotten really bad. However, if that’s not enough to motivate you, then you might want to take a look at the meat ‘alternatives’ they are pushing. You’re likely aware of Beyond Meat and other producers of ‘plant based’ meat and of course the fast-food giants all releasing plant-based burgers. YUCK. I admit I tried the so called ‘Impossible Whopper’ from Burger King when it first came out and honestly coming hot off the grill, it tasted like, well, a Whopper. However, as it cools or if you try to reheat it, the flavor and texture are awful at best. These are fake burgers made from plant material, but the actual ingredients are ‘trade secrets’ so the contents descriptions tend to be vague.

The greenies have been screaming for years about the need to stop raising cattle and the dangers of cow farts to the planet! The world’s ‘elites’ are determined to end the consumption of meat by the world’s peasants, but I have a sneaky suspicion they aren’t eating soy on their private jets! Recently the UN briefly posted an article about the benefits of World Hunger on their website, yes, you read that right. The World Economic Forum recently discussed the millions of ‘useless eaters’ the world supports (that would be you and I) and have made the determination that the planet can only sustain 1 billion people. So, riddle me this batman, what happens to the other 6.9 billion people currently residing on planet Earth? What happens to us? Just a conspiracy theory? Maybe. Did you see the Smithville company (Chinese owned) closed massive pork processing plants in Utah and CA? How about the millions of chickens and turkeys being slaughtered? Did you happen to notice the 10,000 head of cattle in Kansas that all died from the heat. Hmm. Really, all 10,000 at one time. Sure. OK.

So, what’s the solution? Bugs! Yes folks, they want us to eat bugs. This is not a joke, and these people are trying to normalize this. Have you seen the video of Nicole Kidman eating bugs? Truely disgusting. So, if you think it’s a great idea, fine, it’s a free country (used to be) so enjoy your bug meat. Roach Coach kind of takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it? ‘These crickets are delicious honey, can you pass me the lemon pepper cock roaches?’ Not me, no thanks, sorry not sorry. Have you ever thought that the food shortages and massive price increases are maybe, just maybe designed to force you to change what you eat? Store food, grow a garden. I’m going back to canning beans now.

Prepare like your life depends on it.


  1. I know it’s poor form to comment on either introduction sentences or images, but the Soylent Green image makes my morning. And yeah, the whole situation is messed up. I wouldn’t bitch about meat subs if they had good bioavailability but, y’know. Noe there’s the clone meat so everything can taste like Dolly.

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  2. All you need to do is add the term Hufu and the Soylent Green pic becomes a shocking fiction to reality. Hufu is predictive programming to condition the masses into something so uncivilized and barbaric. Our culture is going backwards not forwards.

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