The Growing Homeless Disaster

Homelessness has long been a nagging problem without any good solutions. Until recently the majority of people living on the street were suffering from either mental issues or some type of dependence on drugs or alcohol or both. Now, don’t get me wrong, a few bad choices could theoretically put you or I on the street as well, but that tends to be the exception and not the rule. However, things are changing fast. The number of working people who are homeless is exploding. People going to work every day who simply can no longer afford a roof over their heads. I’m seeing it more and more and you likely are too; people living in their cars, cleaning up at the gym or Walmart bathroom then heading to work. I can only imagine the frustration and desperation these people must feel. The loss of security, the loss of hope; it must be soul crushing.

So why should you care? Now let me be clear, I’m no bleeding heart who thinks EVERYONE on the street just had a few bad breaks, no, many are there due to their own issues. However, with housing and rental rates up more than 40% over the last 2 years while real wages have dropped, many people simply aren’t making it. A recent poll revealed that millions of Americans expect to be evicted over the next two months and over 20 million households are currently behind on their utilities. Now throw in skyrocketing food prices and you have a recipe for disaster. Good people will do bad things if they become desperate enough. Its long been said that society is only 9 meals from chaos, and I’m convinced that’s true. What would you do if you or your family was literally starving? How far would you be willing to go to save them? To feed and shelter them?

This situation is likely going to get much worse before it gets better and as the problem grows so will crime. Most urban areas such as Chicago, LA, Baltimore, etc., are warzones already, but even in the rural area where I live, we are seeing an uptick in break ins, theft and even armed robbery. With raging inflation, a failing economy and the looming potential for mass layoffs, we are in for a rough ride. Imagine millions more people living on the street, no home, no food, no hope. Will you have to feed and provide shelter for friends and family? What about that elderly couple down the street? Will it even be safe to leave your home? What will you do if they come to your door? What if it’s you?

Prepare like your life depends on it, it does.


  1. Everything you say is happening everywhere where I live as well. It’s in the county where I live, in the surrounding counties, and it’s not getting better. It’s unbelievable but true. I live in Ohio. In Chillicothe, they are passing an ordinance to criminalize the homeless population on public property. I have a video of that council meeting. At the same time, Ross County is encouraging every resident to carry Narcan in case they run across someone who is overdosing. I have a copy of that article too. Violent crime is notorious all around here, it’s in the schools and sexual battery cases abound in the schools. Teachers having sex with students or photographing them in the nude. At the same time, public ordinances prohibit the sharing of the Gospel of Christ on public property. I’m definitely prepping for the tribulation that will occur before the return of Jesus Christ.

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      1. Yes, prayer and lots of Bible reading. I’m very happy and thankful that I have escaped from the surrounding upheaval. I’m alone, but I’ll count my losses as something I can live with.

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  2. Excellent article.

    We are retired and live in Florida; my younger sister (64) lives in New Hampshire. We’ve already advised her that we can help with her heating costs this winter. And then, in the back of my mind – if it’s costing us $125 dollars a week in groceries for two people who only (by choice) eat once or twice a day, have no pets, don’t buy bottled water, how are we going to be able to help her? Our property tax has gone up as well. These are very scary times indeed.

    My parents went through the Great Depression as kids – to the day my mother died, she feared being poor. I guess we all might have to get used to that feeling.

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  3. Our variable mortgage has risen two hundred dollars a month but will continue to rise with the 6% now. I’m thinking of cancelling my lawn service which has gone up too as I’m perfectly capable of mowing it myself with an electric mower. These interest rate hikes must be hurting small companies that borrow money and lease cars etc. Tyrant must be trying to put them out of business with tax and interest rate hikes. Inflation will be trickling down to everyone soon. Expect more homeless.

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  4. My daughter is a county police dispatcher in Indiana and she states that violent crimes and break in’s have been on the rise since the beginning of the year. She said most nights are non stop till about 4am. I’ve noticed the crime bulletin in the local paper has grown substantially in the past year or so. Listening to the scanner on some nights reveals plenty of gun shots, domestic violence, and robberies. I have certainly paid more attention to my surroundings when I’m out of the house. Don’t let your guard done for a minute, regardless of where you live. Stuff happens.

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