Empty Shelves Continue

Greatest economy in history and other fairy tales and unicorn dust spread by the lame stream media just doesn’t pass the smell test. If you have been in a grocery store lately you have probably noticed that despite the propaganda, things are NOT getting better. Yes, there is still a shortage of baby formula, but the media no longer covers that as a service to their political masters. Is there food available, yes, is it more expensive, it most definitely is. Does that increase in your food bill really look like 8.5% or is it more like 20%?

You must be imagining this

One of the few bright spots in food pricing has been that beef prices have dropped significantly. Ranchers are sending more cattle to slaughter because they simply can’t afford to feed them. Prices will however spike higher than ever in the future as the herds have now been heavily depleted. I hope you have been stocking the freezer, I certainly have.

Dairy looking a bit thin

Droughts across the planet as well as the US will cause food shortages at a level we may have never seen before. The UN says there is a food shortage, the food banks are running out of food, heck even dementia Joe said there would be food shortages! Across the planet food harvests are coming in lower than normal and the price of fertilizer will likely make next year’s crops even worse.

Produce continues to be an issue

Produce seemed a little better there for a couple of months but seems to be taking a turn for the worse again. The CO2 shortage is clearly having a negative impact on the shelf life of packaged salads and such as it is used to extend freshness.

Frozen potatoes are in short supply

Potatoes, raw, canned and frozen continue to be in short supply and many are saying this is just the beginning. There is actually a shortage of potatoes in Idaho of all places! Whether you like them or not, this is a staple food for millions around the globe and only compounds the shortages around the world.

I personally think we will still have plenty of food on the shelves here in the US, but the selection will become more and more limited and prices will continue to climb. Those at the lower rungs of income along with those on a fixed income will no doubt suffer the most. The wife and I are continuing to store more and more food and I hope you are too. There really doesn’t seem to be an end in sight and the war in Europe seems destined to expand.

Note: pictures were taken at a Walmart at 11 am on a Thursday, Walmart is the largest seller of groceries in the US.

Prepare now.


  1. Yesterday at Kroger’s, one pound of hamburger was $6.99. For almost a month now there hasn’t been any water to fill up my 5 gallon Primo jug. There is an absence of other foods as well…the list goes on. Just a half a block away gas prices are like a yo-yo, fluctuating about .30 from day to day and with price changes through the middle of the day. Averaging around $3.39. The Bible is becoming more and more believable every day, “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6:6. Around here in Circleville, Walmart isn’t even fit to shop in, police are called there every day for theft, violence, overdoses, etc. Living for Jesus Christ, I definitely know the urgency of prepping for what’s to come, and for what is already here.

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  2. So true here as well in Central Texas. Empty shelves of one type of canned food for 2 months now has caused the store to completely rearrange the aisle, leaving out the entire Ranch Style Beans display, except for the regular cans.
    Dairy is come and go…indeed frozen French fries have become sparse. Produce is still available, but much of it is second rate.
    I’ll need to get more flour; like at least 50 lbs.
    Yep, the pinch is everywhere.

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  3. I work in grocery store part time, freight days. LOT of food ordered doesnt come in. Small town store. I think they care more for the BIG stores, and try to keep the big dept stores stocked. Those small town stores get whats left if any

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