Is It Too Late to Prep?

The state of the world is unstable, the world economy is unstable, crime is raging out of control and clearly no one is coming to save you. Many people are scrambling just to hold it together while many are either oblivious to our current reality or foolishly in denial. It’s been a harsh winter in many places already, including below zero temps here in the mountains, and its far from over! Most people I know have lost at least some faith in our once trusted institutions including State, Federal and local governments, media outlets and sadly even many churches have become little more than a business. Law abiding citizens are persecuted and even prosecuted for daring to have an opinion yet violent criminals are released back to the streets. Mostly peaceful anyone? Depending on where you are, law enforcement is possibly understaffed, overwhelmed or simply in survival mode. Oil prices are creeping back up, grocery prices have skyrocketed, more large companies are announcing layoffs every day, and the war in Eastern Europe grows more chaotic and out of control by the day. That my friends is why we prepare. But is it now too late? Did you wait too long?

If you find yourself looking around wishing you had prepared already, or maybe prepared a little bit more, I don’t think it’s too late. Would it have been cheaper a couple of years ago, definitely. Unless you have unlimited funds, today it will take longer and cost more than it would have in the past, but unless you think prices will go down (they won’t) today is still cheaper than tomorrow. So, unless you currently see a large mushroom cloud or zombie hoards at your front door you probably still have time to do something and anything is better than nothing.

If you already have a good stash, take a good, honest inventory to see where you might be lacking and make sure your preps are well organized. If you are new to prepping, keep it simple. Try to pick up a few extra items on each shopping trip; canned fruit, veggies, pasta, dried beans, rice, soups, bottled water etc. Do you have a good flashlight, batteries, weather radio, alternative heat source? Do you have cash on hand, loose change, lethal or non-lethal means of protection? Everyone’s situation is different, so you need to decide what your priorities are. If you couldn’t get to a store for a week, what would you run out of? What would you or your kids (or pets) need that you don’t currently have?

I think a lot of people learned some hard lessons from the lockdowns, travel restrictions, empty shelves and such related to the Big C. Hopefully you are preparing for the uncertainties we all face, if not maybe today is the day.

Prepare now, time is short.


  1. I think you make an excellent point here – it’s never too late (til the hoard comes through the door, of course) and is – relatively – easy to do. There’s much good advice here without unrelenting doom and gloom. Prepping is something to feel good about – it should make folks happy that they are doing such things in protection of themselves and their families.

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  2. AMEN! EXACTLY RIGHT! I have food prepped stored! Extra propane . My own water well on farm. Can hand pump it if no electricity! But how much gasoline do I store to run my generator!

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