It’s Getting Pricey Out There

Yes, I’m definitely stating the obvious here, but if you do any grocery shopping or pay the household bills then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Groceries have gotten sky high, electricity, natural gas, propane, rent, property taxes, insurance; the things we all need to survive are becoming more unaffordable and many people are struggling just to get by. Now the so called ‘experts’ are telling us that inflation is falling and everything is great. However, it’s important to understand that this disinformation campaign is coming from those most responsible for this mess. The national debt is over $31 Trillion, yet the government is spending at record levels with no sign of slowing, ever. Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen just stated that prices are coming down and the economy is strong. Yea, when do you think Grandma Yellen last bought groceries or pumped her own gas? Do you think for a minute she really believes what she’s saying or simply protecting her cushy taxpayer funded job? Is she this dumb or this out of touch? You make the call.

The only things dropping in price are the things we really don’t need. The price of flat screen TVs, computers and cell phones have gone down, but food keeps going up. You can’t find dog and cat food, but they have dozens of BBQ grills left over from last year. The big stack outs of Chinese junk littering the aisles of your local Walmart (probably left from Christmas) are getting cheaper, but eggs and dairy are through the roof. The 2-roll pack of paper towels I usually buy for $2.99 are now $5.29, the 70 count paper plates went from $3.29 to $5.99 and on and on it goes. The price of electricity has gone up four-fold in some areas, but don’t worry as the Regime will give you a Tax rebate for buying an $80,000 electric car! I wonder how much that would add to your electric bill, but I digress. Speaking of cars, I was at my local dealership recently having my car serviced and wandering the lot checking out the new cars as I usually do, but wow, sticker shock. A 2022 F150 truck, 6-cylinder, short bed, 2-wheel drive was over $78,000! Luckily, they will finance it for up to 8 years! Ugh. I think I’ll stick with my paid off car.

Now is a good time to be frugal. Hopefully you’ve put away some extra food and supplies to get you through as things are not likely to improve anytime soon. Look at everything you spend, what can you do without, where is your money best spent. Check your bank and credit card statements closely, are you paying for things you don’t need or use, has your interest rate changed? Do you really watch all those streaming services? Look at your cell phone contract, cable bill if you have one; scrutinize everything. Do you really need to eat out for lunch or can you brown bag it? Hopefully, you will find enough savings to keep your head above water and maybe even stash a few bucks. If you have the means please check in on elderly family, friends and neighbors who may be struggling. Keep your head up and prep on.

Prepare now.


  1. Excellent article. I have plenty of free time to think about these things as I’m retired. There’s just my husband and me. We only eat one or two meals a day, not because we can’t afford to eat more often, we’re just not as active as we used to be. We don’t have any pets and we don’t buy bottled water. I cannot get out of the grocery store for under $100 – or more! When I shop, I try to get every ‘buy one, get one’ I possibly can as long as it’s something we actually like and will use up. Rather than use our dishwasher, I hand wash the dinner utensils; I go for a little more than a week before I do laundry to save on the water bill. My stove/oven is gas/electric ignite but a match is handy little tool!

    You always offer very sound advice – and you’re never ‘preachy’ – I enjoy your articles.

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  2. I think America is going through a transitioning phase, transitioning its wealth into the coffers of the global economy. K.I.S.S. Ezekiel chapters 26, 27, 28 talks about that exact same thing. Global prosperity is really global austerity, and the life of luxury and wealth is seeping through the cracks like milk and honey.

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  3. Thanks for all your tips. I just bought a new flat screen and coincidentally Best Buy was going out of business thanks to Biden. My heating bill is outrageous, so I only pay half as I wait for summer then catch up. PG&E is the worst as they have so many lawsuits to pay off. Groceries are over the top but they still manage to charge for each grocery bag in California. I’m staying in NV until it warms up to save money on gas and heating.

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