Yes, They Lied

The Govt recently released the new ‘unemployment numbers’ and they are the best ever! That’s right, don’t believe your lying eyes, never mind those thousands of layoffs you keep hearing about! Everything’s great! Greatest economy ever! Except it isn’t. I know, I know, if a politician’s lips are moving, they are lying. However, sometimes these whoppers get so big it’s hard to fathom anyone with even a few functioning brain cells actually believing it, but sadly most do. That and whether they actually believe this garbage themselves or not, the corrupt US media spreads it far and wide. Yes, right before the State of the Union address, better known mumble fest, the Govt proclaimed 517,000 new jobs! Yea for us! However, if you remove the ‘seasonal adjustment’ by this very credible Administration (ha!) the reality is that the economy lost 2.5 million jobs. Let that sink in.

The Government always lies to us, but these clowns have taken it to a whole new level. Look at the inflation numbers, did you realize that for January they once again ‘adjusted’ the weight of certain items and shockingly this adjustment makes the numbers look better! Wow, who would have thought? Did you also happen to see that they revised the inflation numbers up for 4 of the last 5 months? Well, oddly enough this gives the impression that January inflation didn’t grow as much as it did. Getting the idea yet?

If you have been to the grocery store or paid your electric bill, then you know inflation is way above the 6% number they are feeding us. If they used the same method to calculate inflation that they did in the 80’s then the number would be somewhere around 15% which is certainly more in line with what we are experiencing today. This will only get worse as the wildly out-of-control spending increases even further. The Fed has lost control of the money supply yet continues to buy up US treasuries to prop up the markets. In the last quarter of 2022 Americans added another $396 Billion in credit card debt, biggest jump in 20 years, even as the average interest rate now exceeds 22%. The personal saving rate has plunged as people are forced to dip into their saving just to make ends meet. Yes, the economy is so ‘strong’ that the Wall Street Journal recently suggested skipping meals as a way to save money! Things are not good out there folks and not likely to improve any time soon.

Now is not the time to buy that new TV, and certainly not that new Tesla. Now is time to be frugal and save money where you can; pack your lunch, cook at home, conserve on utilities. Hopefully you have stocked up the pantry and squirreled away some cash. Understand, most of those around you have little or no idea what is really going on and may very well be knocking on your door when they finally run out of options.

Prepare today.


  1. You keep hitting ’em out of the park, Prepper. Thank you for ‘saying the quiet part out loud’. I wonder if you agree that the biggest fight ahead of us is to prove to, and influence, those who simply aren’t (or won’t) pay attention that even they are being affected by false information that supports a disastrous agenda fully in line with the World Economic Forum’s charter?

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  2. Anyone who thinks the global “democratic” government is what it is made out to be is being hoodwinked. You might have heard of the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and the hazmat situation. I live in Ohio to the south. They are lying about the contamination of the water! The Ohio Governor says the municipal water and raw water is safe to drink, not contaminated . However, even the city of Cincinnati has closed the water intake from the Ohio River, they don’t believe the Ohio Governor, . JD Vance, the Ohio senator, who is the same party as the Ohio Governor has video evidence of the contamination,

    This is the government that the Bible warns us about, which builds the “democratic” global government on lies. People are suffering and lies cover it up. No support from the government at all. Jesus is who I rely on and base my hope in, certainly not the agenda of the global government.

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    1. Perfectly stated! Massive environmental disaster and they’ve tried to just sweep it under the rug, no way I would drink that water. I see that they are FINALLY dispatching a FEMA Team now that some residents are calling for heads to roll, only 2 weeks late. Hope you and your friends and family are safe.

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