Ohio: Why We Prepare

These days you can’t look at any news source without seeing another reason to be a prepper. I know, some folks don’t like the term, but regardless, having extra food, water, dry goods, cash, personal protection, etc., is just common sense that is sadly uncommon. Aside from the war in Europe, potential war in Tiawan, Bird Flu, North Korea, Iran, exploding crime, a failing economy and 10% for the Big Guy; we must always try to be ready for the unexpected natural and manmade disasters that can and do happen. This tragic train derailment in Ohio is just such a horrifying event.

People forced from their homes at a moment’s notice with no help coming. These poor people were just going about their normal lives and without warning they must flee the area with whatever they can grab. Those that were outside the immediate area were allowed to remain, but then subjected to contaminated air and water. Those returning to their homes later were expected to sign a form stating they wouldn’t sue. All that while your government in DC says your disaster doesn’t qualify for help. Sorry, our Transportation Secretary is concerned over racial disparity on construction sites and can’t be bothered about some blue-collar people in rural Ohio. Sorry, we have to send more money to Europe, nothing left over for you! Only after getting roasted on social media and after a certain person showed up with pallets bottled water and cleaning supplies did this disaster FINALLY get the attention of dementia Joe and pothole Pete. 20 days, yes, 20 days after the disaster breast feeding Pete finally showed up. Good news, ‘the water is safe to drink!’ Yes, despite 43,000 aquatic creatures dying from the chemicals, they are telling residents that the water is perfectly safe to drink. You first! Note: Giant Eagle foods, a large grocery store in that area has pulled bottled water from their shelves that was bottled 25 miles from the derailment out of concern for residents.

We all need water to live and I certainly wouldn’t trust what’s coming out of those faucets. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine that water filters are a hot item in OH right now. I have done several articles on water in the past, so I won’t go into too much detail other than a few tips on what we do. I avoid drinking tap water whenever possible, so I have been trying to have a well drilled for over a year and apparently still months away. All the water we use for cooking, drinking and making ice goes through our Big Berkey water filter first. They are definitely pricey and going up like everything else, but they really do make a difference and prices vary so do shop around. We keep lots of bottled water, we have 125 gallons of treated water stored in 5-gallon jugs and lots of grey water (for cleaning and flushing) stored in old 2-liter bottles. We have back-up filters in case we have to use water from the nearby creek, which I think would probably be best for this type of situation. We have the individual LifeStraw filters which you can buy just about anywhere (the Sawyer filters are also good) and a larger gravity filter in case the situation lasts longer than a day.

Fortunately, other than the Berkey we haven’t had to use the other filters and hope we never need to. I have a feeling that these along with a good bugout bag would have really come in handy for those in OH. Just one more thing to consider as part of your preps.

Prepare now.


  1. I figure the new targets for war are the water supplies and food supplies. There is nothing worse than chemically contaminated water, soil, and food. That is worse than economic sanctions. That is basically what the whole chapter of Revelation 8 talks about. For example,” “Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter.” verses 10-11. What if that “great star” is a nuclear or chemical weapon of some type?

    People in Ohio are reporting sicknesses as well, such as difficulty breathing, “talking like Mickey Mouse,” irritated skin, etc.

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  2. Outstanding article. Once again, preppers look crazy – until they don’t! It would be very interesting if you have prepper friends, to find out how those preppers in Ohio managed (and continue to manage) that horrific situation.

    Aside from amassing a cache of canned and paper goods, would you consider writing an article addressing how people ‘of a certain age’ (the elderly) can prep. We can’t, for the most part, create gardens and do the physical work that a dedicated prepper of a younger age might do but perhaps there’s things we “mature” adults can do to protect ourselves. Thanks!

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      1. Thanks so much – I think it would be a great boon to us older folks, and the many who have never felt the need to the extent that now challenges all folks.

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    1. Hi Audrenyers:
      I’m doing most of the work in the garden. But, my wife has medical issue that limit her ability to work on the garden herself. What I did so she continues exercising and moving around, was to go container gardening on a table. Easily for her to tend to cherry tomatoes, carrots, herbs and so on. Perhaps this year I will repurpose milk crates to raise larger containers up for her to grow cucumbers. Plenty of articles on the web for container gardening. Think onions, radish, bell peppers, lettuce…etc.
      Hope this helps.

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      1. That’s brilliant, Dan! Thank you so much! Here in Florida, I can started any time. Gosh! That’s exciting. Thanks again!

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  3. I installed an under the sink reverse osmosis system a couple years ago. It cost about $175, was not that difficult to install. It has its own faucet, and I have used it to fill 15 5 gallon water jugs (over time) for storage. It brought my well water TDS from 428 to 6…It will fill 2 1 gallon jugs at a time (almost), then wait for an hour to fill another round.
    This BS about the feds flagrantly lying about the safety of the train derailment is criminal. This is a prime example of why we cannot trust the federal government with the democrats in charge…ever.
    Ohio has a train derailment to deal with.
    We in Texas, have one million illegal aliens coming into our state.
    The future is dismal.

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