Are You Prepping, or Just Hoarding Stuff?

Preparing for a crisis, regardless of what it is, requires organization. Far too often in our drive to stockpile supplies, we do so without a plan. We just buy ‘stuff.’ This can often create a bit of chaos as we begin to run out of room, or at least begin filling storage space that could be better utilized. You can wind up with a lopsided prep and a high risk of spoilage. Leading up to the presidential election, I was guilty of all of this and more. Instead of doing my usual targeted purchases once or twice a week, I was hitting the store nearly everyday, loading up as much as I could carry home. Rarely, did I return home from work without a trunk full of toilet paper, bottled water, canned goods and of course more shelving to store it all. I began buying items we rarely if ever used ‘just in case.’ Just how many cans of vegetable soup can 2 people eat?  I was on a buying frenzy based on fear. Fear can be a great motivator, but can also lead to poor decision making. My once neat and organized bunker looked less like a pantry and more like a flea market. Continue reading “Are You Prepping, or Just Hoarding Stuff?”


About Those Resolutions

Now that the holidays are long past and spring is just around the corner, let me ask you this: how did those New Year’s resolutions work out? Still going to the gym or working out everyday? And how’s that new diet you vowed to finally stick to? Well, if your like most people, it’s all fallen to the wayside. Fact is only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions and 80% fail by Feburary.  This is probably due to many factors, but the most likely is that you made unrealistic or unachieveable resolutions which led to frustration. Often when we set goals, we fail to factor in the inevitable and unavoidable roadblocks that life throws at us. Life happens.

If this all sounds familiar then you re not alone. I stumbled a few times so far this year in my quest to get in better shape and build stamina. For months I hiked every single day, taking on bigger challenges, longer hikes, more difficult trails; until that deaded flu strain hit. Yes, I fell short, the flu, family issues and single digit temperatures conspired to bring my workouts to a grinding halt. To make things worse, after 2 months off the trails, my body was not ready to go full steam ahead, I had to basically start all over again. To add insult to injury, I took a pretty nasty fall on my first time back out there, frustrating. This is where most people simply give up.

Reset: so look at the goals you set and start over; what did you hope to achieve, how can you realistically get there. Maybe your goal was saving money so you swore never to eat out again, well maybe you should have cut that in half rather than try to eliminate it all together. Whatever your situation, whatever your goal, find a way to get back on track working towards that goal. Me, I’m back on the trails and working everyday to get just a little bit better than I was yesterday. I changed the plan from 30 miles a week to 20 miles and have actuallyexceeded that so far, but if I miss a few days, I can still achieve my goal. So take a reset, set a reasonable goal, and get back to it!

Hope you find this helpful.

What’s on Your Prepper Wish List?

Or maybe I should start by asking if you have one? If not, maybe you should! We have two lists that we are constantly updating: one is our weekly or short term and one long term.

The short term list is basically our shopping needs based on what we have used from our prepper pantry. We follow the first in first out rules of rotation to avoid lossing preps to spoilage and slowly build up that stock based on shelf life and how much we use. This list usually contains canned fruit, frozen veggies, meat, cases of water, paper goods, cleaning supplies, ammunition, etc.

Long term list is just that, more of a wish list, items that we need but don’t/can’t buy on a weekly basis. Currently it contains items such as more solar panels and other solar equipment, more batteries, firearms, more security cameras, kerosene, propane tanks, etc.

We try to use these lists to stay on track with our basic preps while prioritizing our next step. So what’s on your list?

Can You Have Too Many Guns?

Well of course not! Guns and Preppers go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or maybe beans and rice would be more appropriate, but I digress. Guns, yes, lots of guns; and I include myself in this fold as I have accumulated quite a few over the last couple of years and each with their own purpose. The problem we run into is which caliber or calibers of ammunition do you stockpile? Note: I recently purchased a little Ruger LCP2 .380 to carry on the trails when hiking, great little gun that fits the need, but certainly not the caliber I would choose to stockpile. No, unless you have an endless supply of money to spend on ammo, you must somehow narrow your focus down to just a couple of calibers. Now, if you want to create a firestorm of opinions, just ask what gun or guns would be best for a SHTF scenario – you will likely get 100 different opinions none of which might be appropriate for you. I have recently been faced with this dilemma and I wanted to take a few moments to share how we came to our decision and why (and yes yours will probably be different). Continue reading “Can You Have Too Many Guns?”

Be a Better YOU than You Were Yesterday

With the current ‘crisis’ with N Korea, I’ve noticed quite a few people rushing to get their preps back in order (or least they say they are) but the need to rush out to buy supplies NOW means you’re probably not all that prepared. Now I imagine we have all been guilty from time to time (I know I have) of getting a little lax in our prepping routine. I know I have not been getting enough range time for sure, but I recently realized just how physically unprepared I really was. Being physically prepared is one of the most difficult Continue reading “Be a Better YOU than You Were Yesterday”

What is the Weakest Link in Your Prep?

First of all, preparedness in not a race or a competition, nor is it the simple act of hoarding food, ammo or equipment. I participate in several online forums on the subject and all too often I see members bashing other members for their choices of supplies, lack of knowledge or where they are in their journey. Everyone has their own pace and their own priorities and that’s OK! Balance and steady progress are really the keys to truly being prepared. If you have 3 days worth of supplies in your home you’re better off than 95% of the country! Continue reading “What is the Weakest Link in Your Prep?”

Practicing Your Preps: Hiking

It’s no surprise that most preparedness minded people tend to focus heavily on food, water, equipment and firearms as those will likely be the most immediate needs in a crisis. However, do you or will you have the physical and mental strength to weather such a crisis? This is a question I have often asked myself through this journey and sadly, if I’m to be honest with myself, I would have to say no. Continue reading “Practicing Your Preps: Hiking”