Sig Sauer P938 Stand: A Swipe at Anthem Kneelers?

Sig has released what it calls a 1911 inspired ‘Micro-Compact’ 9mm. No, that in itself isn’t big news as the market is flooded with good quality 9mm semi-auto pistols; the choices are nearly endless. However, this particular model has the Stars and Stripes engraved on the slide along with the name ‘Stand.’

Sig states this on its website:

“STAND AND SUPPORT: Introducing the special edition P938 STAND. Show your unwavering support for the flag and for America’s National Anthem with this special commemorative edition. With its stars and stripes engraved slide and custom grips with embedded flag medallion, you’ll proudly share in our support for America’s troops and first responders.” 

Sure sounds to me like a swipe at those NFL players who are disrespecting our flag over their perceived ‘injustice.’ I find their protest against our law enforcement community to be offense and without merit and apparently so does Sig Sauer. Unfortunately, if I buy yet another gun this month I’m quite sure my dear wife would probably shoot me with it. On second thought, this one just might be worth it!

Attached video from Sig Sauer:

Happy prepping!


A View From the Range: Check Your Ego at the Door

In an increasingly violent society where even churches are no longer safe, people are more and more turning to firearms for self defense and I applaud them for it. Many Americans are making the decision to no longer be an easy target, refusing to allow themselves to become a victim. I am seeing families coming to the range together, fathers and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, and lots of women – and that’s a good thing!

Working in the range, it’s my job to enforce all firearms safety rules, range rules and provide assistance where needed. I love to teach, so I jump at the chance to coach new or struggling shooters – if they’re open to it. A common scenario is a husband or boyfriend brings their female companion to the range and he’s going to teach her how to shoot; best intentions but not always the most productive. Reality check guys; we weren’t born Clint Eastwood and asking for some instruction should not be a blow to the ego. Come on fellas, we’ve all been guilty at times of assuming the role; the same way many of us don’t read owners manuals or ask for directions – it’s just how we’re wired. However, when it comes to firearms, pretending to know what you don’t can be not only detrimental, but downright dangerous. Women on the other hand seem more receptive to instruction and tend to learn and improve faster because of it – no ego to protect. I can’t count the number of times the guy didn’t want any ‘help’ until he witnessed his significant other (who asked for some instruction) out shooting him.

Come on guys, if you want to get better then ask for help, she won’t think any less of you and maybe, just maybe, she won’t out shoot you next time!

A View From the Range: Don’t Go Cheap

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you probably know that I work part time at an indoor range/gun store, and I have to say that at times it’s an eye opening experience. As such, I’ve decided to start a little segment on some of the things I observe; good and bad, in an effort to help us all be better prepared to defend ourselves and our families.

Recently during the range qualification segment of a concealed carry class, one individual kept having issues with his firearm. It would either misfeed the first round or successfully fire one round only to misfeed the next. He went to the front desk and purchased better quality ammunition apparently thinking that was the problem, only to Continue reading “A View From the Range: Don’t Go Cheap”

Top 25 Defensive Gun Uses of 2017

It that time of year again when all the year in review, best of the year, a look back at the year and such is almost inescapable. So who am I to sit on the sideline complaining, why not just jump on that bandwagon?

Following a year (or decades) of the intentionally uninformed attempting to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights I felt it was a good time to look back at just a few of the times that guns were used by good people to protect themselves from bad people. Alas, I was too slow as the good people over at Breitbart beat me to it!

Link: Top 25 Defensive Gun Uses of 2017

Please share with your friends, and make it your New Years resolution to never be a victim!

Lots of Gear, Not Enough Training

Far too often I see preppers focused on having the latest cool gadgets and tools, instead of becoming proficient in the use of those tools. No, I am not against buying the latest cool tool, as I have been guilty of the same, but take the next step and actually learn how to use it. I see this issue most often when it come to firearms.

I currently work at an indoor gun range as a range officer and am currently seeking my NRA Instructors License. I see a lot of shooters; some good, some really good, some bad and some really bad; the primary difference being training and practice. When was the Continue reading “Lots of Gear, Not Enough Training”

Anti-Carjacking Device

Carjacking is a serious threat these days perpetrated by some of the most violent thugs society has to offer. A carjacker doesn’t possess the skills necessary to steal a car in the ‘conventional’ way, so they simply take it by force. Desperate for drugs, money or to escape the area where they just committed another crime, these cretins will not hesitate to harm you or your family in order to steal your vehicle. The vast majority of carjackings take place in urban areas, but that’s not to say they don’t happen elsewhere because they do. Continue reading “Anti-Carjacking Device”

Does Ammo Go Bad?

Almost everything on earth eventually deteriorates to a point where it is no longer useful or even safe to use (except for honey): ammunition is no exception. How long your ammunition lasts depends a lot on how it is stored. Yes, I’ve heard stories of Vietnam, Korea and even WWII surplus ammo that still functioned, but I certainly wouldn’t suggest trying that a home. I recently came into some 22LR ammunition that was still sealed in its factory packaging and had been stored in a bedroom closet for about 30 years; I experienced an over 30% fail rate with this ammunition. Not good. Continue reading “Does Ammo Go Bad?”