Essential oils – This Stuff Really Works

Unless you’ve been holed up in the woods waiting for TEOTWAWKI then I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the jabber about ‘essential oils,’ well I have been a tad skeptical to put it mildly. Well, much as I hate to admit it (I’m a guy, we hate to ever admit being wrong about anything), but yes, I was wrong. It seems there is something to all this. Now, I’m not going to go full in on everything as I don’t claim to know all that much yet, but what I have experienced is pretty amazing. Continue reading “Essential oils – This Stuff Really Works”


About Those Resolutions

Now that the holidays are long past and spring is just around the corner, let me ask you this: how did those New Year’s resolutions work out? Still going to the gym or working out everyday? And how’s that new diet you vowed to finally stick to? Well, if your like most people, it’s all fallen to the wayside. Fact is only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions and 80% fail by Feburary.  This is probably due to many factors, but the most likely is that you made unrealistic or unachieveable resolutions which led to frustration. Often when we set goals, we fail to factor in the inevitable and unavoidable roadblocks that life throws at us. Life happens.

If this all sounds familiar then you re not alone. I stumbled a few times so far this year in my quest to get in better shape and build stamina. For months I hiked every single day, taking on bigger challenges, longer hikes, more difficult trails; until that deaded flu strain hit. Yes, I fell short, the flu, family issues and single digit temperatures conspired to bring my workouts to a grinding halt. To make things worse, after 2 months off the trails, my body was not ready to go full steam ahead, I had to basically start all over again. To add insult to injury, I took a pretty nasty fall on my first time back out there, frustrating. This is where most people simply give up.

Reset: so look at the goals you set and start over; what did you hope to achieve, how can you realistically get there. Maybe your goal was saving money so you swore never to eat out again, well maybe you should have cut that in half rather than try to eliminate it all together. Whatever your situation, whatever your goal, find a way to get back on track working towards that goal. Me, I’m back on the trails and working everyday to get just a little bit better than I was yesterday. I changed the plan from 30 miles a week to 20 miles and have actuallyexceeded that so far, but if I miss a few days, I can still achieve my goal. So take a reset, set a reasonable goal, and get back to it!

Hope you find this helpful.