Can You Have Too Many Guns?

Well of course not! Guns and Preppers go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or maybe beans and rice would be more appropriate, but I digress. Guns, yes, lots of guns; and I include myself in this fold as I have accumulated quite a few over the last couple of years and each with their own purpose. The problem we run into is which caliber or calibers of ammunition do you stockpile? Note: I recently purchased a little Ruger LCP2 .380 to carry on the trails when hiking, great little gun that fits the need, but certainly not the caliber I would choose to stockpile. No, unless you have an endless supply of money to spend on ammo, you must somehow narrow your focus down to just a couple of calibers. Now, if you want to create a firestorm of opinions, just ask what gun or guns would be best for a SHTF scenario – you will likely get 100 different opinions none of which might be appropriate for you. I have recently been faced with this dilemma and I wanted to take a few moments to share how we came to our decision and why (and yes yours will probably be different). Continue reading “Can You Have Too Many Guns?”


Flashback: Leftists Call For Harassment of Conservatives Everywhere – Including in Their Own Homes

Following the attempted assassination of several House Republicans I thought you might find this previous post relevant.

The left has a long history of violence, and that violence is escalating on a daily basis. The ‘open-minded’ are so enraged that not everyone thinks like they do that they are once again resorting to violence.  Recently a writer for the ever anti-American Huffington Post spewed out an article (under the header of Queer Voices) entitled ‘To Save America We Must Stop Being Polite And  Immediately Start Raising Hell’ in which he called for the escalation of “our outrage and our anger is a massive way.” He called for the harassment of conservatives everywhere including in their own homes while out of the other side of his mouth claiming that he is not calling for violence like the ‘thuggish behavior of the Trump supporters.’ Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Left wing protesters

While I certainly support the right of all Americans to participate in peaceful protest, what we are seeing as of late is anything but peaceful. Burning police cars and smashing windows is NOT civil discourse. Let me ask you this, when have you seen conservatives throwing rocks and bottles at the police? When have you seen conservatives physically attack someone because they hold a different point of view? Reminder: it was Barack Obama who said “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” For once I actually agree with Mr. Obama; bring a gun. I am in no way encouraging anyone to go looking for a fight, but I do strongly suggest that you be very aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself and your family should the need arise. Continue reading “Flashback: Leftists Call For Harassment of Conservatives Everywhere – Including in Their Own Homes”

No Privacy in America

When visiting some news sites or downloading that new APP to your phone, ever wonder why you have to accept the ‘Terms and Conditions?’ Yea, you know why; you are giving them access to your device – willingly. I get it; I do it too, because refusing to agree keeps you from using Facebook, Twitter or even Microsoft word. We have come to accept the fact that privacy is limited if not nonexistent. Just yesterday FBI Director James Comey warned that “there is no such thing as absolute privacy in America.” He went on to say that “even our communication with our spouses, with our clergy members, with our attorneys are not absolutely private in America.” You can read the entire article here; you will probably notice that the CNN website asks you to accept their ‘terms’ to view the article. You might also remember the murder case in Arkansas where police got a search warrant for the data from an Amazon Echo that was streaming music around the time of the murder. Yes, your phone, laptop even smart TV maybe listening in on you, scary thought. And they wonder why we’re preppers!

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

Guns: Self-Defense in the Real World

First of all; the right to defend yourself is not a gift from your Government, it is the absolute right of every living thing and our most basic instinct. Protecting one’s right to life is as elementary as you can get yet millions of Americans have been brainwashed by the Government, State run Education and of course a radicalized left wing media to think that you don’t have that right, hogwash. If you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one! I find it ironic how Hollywood actors get rich playing ‘good guys with guns’ then come out and tell us how bad guns are and how we need to ‘get them off the street.’ Gun grabbing politicians have grand plans on how to take them from law abiding citizens, but I’ve yet to see their plans on how to take them away from criminals. Guns in the hands of responsible people do save lives; allow me to share a personal story. Continue reading “Guns: Self-Defense in the Real World”

Riots in the street – are you prepared?

With hoodlums rioting in the streets across America we thought it might be a good time to revisit our Top 10 items for any Emergency. So without further delay…

Water – you can’t live without it and you can’t have too much, also consider having a Water Purifier.

Food – basic canned goods along with other longer shelf life products can literally be a life saver. Check out our big incomplete list of items to store:

Medication and basic first aide – any prescription medication that you or your family need plus Baby Aspirin, Band-Aids, gauze, antibiotic creme etc…consider a small First Aid Kit.

Light – getting around a darkened house can be dangerous; a couple of good flashlights, LED Lantern and of course batteries will brighten any situation.

Heat source – particularly in colder climates, a small indoor-safe propane heater can be the difference between life and death when the power goes out.

Propane stove/grill – obviously not all food needs to be warmed/cooked to be edible, but having a camping stove definitely opens the menu a bit.

Fuel – usually becomes scarce quickly and your nifty stove and heater are useless without it.  Also, if you need to ‘bug out’ your vehicle is a lot more effective if it has fuel!

Radio – knowing what is going on in any emergency situation is critical for planning as well as for simple peace of mind. A good AM/FM radio is fine, but I like the Red Cross Hand Crank Radio that you can use to charge your cell phone with.

Firearms and ammo – it many disaster situations looting starts almost immediately; all the supplies you’ve stashed won’t do you any good if you can’t protect them. Please be sure to not only practice using your firearm, but make sure everyone in your family does as well.

Cash – cash is still king, at least for now. I don’t recommend hiding all your money under the mattress, but a few hundred dollars in small bills may buy you out of a jam. We keep a decent stash of cash at home, some in each vehicle as well as a few bucks stashed behind the old cell phone cover.

Yes, there a dozens of other items that could be added to the list, but for now let’s keep it simple. Regardless of what you’re personally preparing for these 10 items will give you a definite advantage over those who simply go through life chasing Pokemon and watching America’s Got Talent.

Happy prepping!

Guns and the Lifestyle Prepper

Inside the community of Preppers, Homesteaders and Survivalists opinions on the use of firearms are as diverse as the community itself. There are those who are strongly opposed to the use of firearms for any reason while there are those whose preparations are based almost completely on the use of firearms to survive. One individual recently told me that he could simply ‘take’ what he needs because he is ‘armed to the teeth,’ needless to say I oppose this attitude. No, my wife and I are somewhere in between these two. We are Lifestyle Preppers meaning just that, we prepare a little each day, saving for a rainy day as our parents and grand parents did. We stay informed, we are aware of the dangers of the world we live in and as such we take security precautions. Firearms are part of our preparations as much as any other tool. We store food and water of course, but we also store other ‘tools’  – gasoline, propane heaters, cooking equipment, first aide supplies, duct tape, gloves, wet weather gear and yes, guns and ammunition. Food, water, shelter and security – all basic elements of survival.

If you are just starting out, maybe looking to buy your first gun, you need to decide what its primary purpose will be. Is this going to be your primary home defense weapon, your daily carry (concealed or open), will others in the family be using it and how and where will you store it? Will you be purchasing more firearms to cover some of these needs or will it be one gun for everything? These are questions only you can answer, but I can share what we have done so far.

I purchased my first gun back in the early nineties after we suffered a string of break-ins. We were having trouble purchasing a gun due to the strict gun control laws in the area (Chicago suburbs) so my father-in-law gave us a little 22 auto till we could wade through the sea of red tape. When we finally were able to get ‘permission’ from the State to  own one I went out and purchased what everyone said I should have – a 1911 Colt .45 auto. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I love this gun and still practice with it regularly, but it probably wasn’t the best choice for our situation. Beware – everyone has their own opinions on what you should buy, but it’s your life and that of your family –choose what’s best for you. The gun was clearly too big for my 5’1” 98 lb wife, so I then purchased a Ruger SP101 .357 revolver. The Ruger was much smaller and would be much easier for her to handle, so I thought, but of course I made the mistake of loading it with high grain .357 ammo. Fail.

So what now? Get a shotgun everyone told me, so I did, but this time I did what I should have done in the first place – ask an expert! So off I went to the local gun shop where the salesman actually took the time to find out what I really needed instead of just what he could sell me; he asked the right questions – who will be using it and what will they be using it for? This time we purchased a Remington 870 20 gauge shotgun. I know, I can hear the rumblings, 20 gauge? Yes, the 12 gauge was just going to be too big and powerful if I expected my wife to use it – so 20 gauge it was. Simple operation, with less need for accuracy made this a good all around gun for home defense – for us-your needs may differ.

Open or concealed carry? Now in the hills of Tennessee, a pretty gun friendly State, we have both acquired carry permits which ‘allow’ us to carry open or concealed – so which is best? No offense to those who choose to open carry, but I’ve always believed that it’s best not to advertise. Personally I think that in some situations a visible firearm might make you the first target, while concealed carry might also give you the element of surprise when you might need it most. Note: a gun in the glove box of your car does you no good unless you’re in your car.

If you came to my home you would not see a gun anywhere in sight, yet nearly every room of the house has one stashed in it somewhere. As stated before, a gun doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get to it, so access is critical. The only children we have are the 4 legged furry ones, so keeping kids from finding a gun isn’t an issue for us, but if you have children please, please take appropriate precautions and educate your children about firearms and their proper use. We all hear horror stories about children finding their parents gun or even taking it to school! Education is the key to firearm safety, for you and your kids.

Finally; practice, practice, practice – like any tool, a firearm is useless unless you learn to use it properly. Regular practice will increase your chances of survival in a crisis situation and you just might discover that you enjoy practicing! No, it’s not cheap; ammo and range fees can add up pretty quickly, but what price can you put on the security of your family? Ultimately owning a firearm is a personal choice, but as Lifestyle Preppers we feel it’s just plain common sense.Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

Fear is in the air: Gun Sales up more than 30% in First Half of 2016

Recently I had one of those days where you run all over town; drop off this, pick up that kind of thing and decided I would pick up some 9mm ammo while I was out – no big deal. To my surprise, at 1 PM on a weekday, the ‘gun store’ was absolutely packed! No it wasn’t a bunch of ‘crazy rednecks’ with nothing better to do (possibly deplorables,) it wasn’t a bunch of old guys just killing time; no, it was the same crowd you might run into at the grocery store – except they weren’t buying eggs, they were buying guns and ammunition. Note: this is not one of those large ‘sporting goods stores’ this is a very large privately owned gun store – no fishing rods or running shoes here; just guns, ammo and accessories. As I shopped I couldn’t help but notice how many employees were busy explaining the differences between certain guns, and trying to help people make good decisions on purchasing their FIRST gun. One professional looking young couple was trying to decide between several ‘assault style’ rifles comparing features vs. price much as they would any other purchase while an elderly couple was busy comparing revolvers – a sight that would certainly send the Hillary crowd into a complete meltdown. Now, obviously all the customers weren’t first time buyers, but a large number clearly were; so why – what would lead so many people out on a weekday afternoon to buy their very first gun? Really? Have you watched the news? Have you seen what’s going on in the world, in our own Country? Apparently I’m not the only one the only one concerned that our Republic is in serious trouble. Apparently I’m not the only worried about a presidential candidate who openly opposes your 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendment rights while her aides are all busy taking the 5th. Apparently I’m not the only one who is concerned that Hillary Clinton could soon be the most powerful person in the world – and you thought the last 8 years were bad. Think about it; I did – decided I needed a few more boxes of 45s as well, and maybe some .223.

Food, Water, Shelter, Security – hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!

Gun Sales up more than 30% in First Half of 2016