Nobody Needs an AR-15 – How to Crush This Argument by Reflex Handgun

The left hates the AR15 because it is of the same weapon family, and looks identical, to the standard military issued M4 carbine. The sheer notion that civilians have access to such a weapon drives leftists crazy and it is more symbolic than anything else. Leftists believe in the relinquishment of all individual strength to […]

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5 Pieces of Overrated Prepper Advice by The Armed Christian

The folks over at the Preparedness Advice blog posted an interesting piece a few weeks ago titled 5 Pieces Of Overrated Prepper Advice and I thought I would share my take on the most overrated prepper advice I have received. But first let’s review what they had to say: 1. Stock up on lots and lots […]

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Top 25 Defensive Gun Uses of 2017

It that time of year again when all the year in review, best of the year, a look back at the year and such is almost inescapable. So who am I to sit on the sideline complaining, why not just jump on that bandwagon?

Following a year (or decades) of the intentionally uninformed attempting to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights I felt it was a good time to look back at just a few of the times that guns were used by good people to protect themselves from bad people. Alas, I was too slow as the good people over at Breitbart beat me to it!

Link: Top 25 Defensive Gun Uses of 2017

Please share with your friends, and make it your New Years resolution to never be a victim!

Reminder to Taurus pistol owners to file claim — Give Me Liberty

H/T Please help me spread the word about the need for owners of the Taurus pistols on recall to get their claim filed. The class action agreement over defective handguns by gun maker Taurus issued a reminder that the deadline to file a claim is approaching. If owners want to trade in the infamous Taurus…

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Anti-Carjacking Device

Carjacking is a serious threat these days perpetrated by some of the most violent thugs society has to offer. A carjacker doesn’t possess the skills necessary to steal a car in the ‘conventional’ way, so they simply take it by force. Desperate for drugs, money or to escape the area where they just committed another crime, these cretins will not hesitate to harm you or your family in order to steal your vehicle. The vast majority of carjackings take place in urban areas, but that’s not to say they don’t happen elsewhere because they do. Continue reading “Anti-Carjacking Device”

UK Gun Control – Not Working is it?

The Office for National Statistics found a 27 percent increase in crimes involving firearms during its most recent review of crime data. Despite a near ban on the civilian ownership of handguns the review found crimes committed with handguns increased by 25 percent and accounted for the majority of gun crimes. The agency said the […]

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