Gear Review: AZ Industries American Made Gun Magnet

Those who’ve been here before know I’m a huge fan of gun magnets; I’ve been using them in the car as well as around the house. They are a great way to conceal a firearm under a desk, table, cabinet, or under the dash of your car. I have magnets in both cars as I find it much easier to draw from the magnet than from a holster when in a seated position. I’ve tried (and reviewed) several in the past see (Gear Review: Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount  and Anti-Carjacking Device), but I think I have found my favorite: AZ Industries American Made Gun Magnet.

Yes, I do like that fact that it’s made in the US, and yes it is a little more expensive than some of the others, but the design is simply better and the quality seems better.


This magnet is quite a bit longer than any of the others I’ve tried and so it makes more contact with the slide of the gun. The unit actually consists of 3 internal magnets that are surprisingly strong and holds the gun in place even when driving over pothole filled streets.



This magnet has rubberized strip than adheres to the magnet and completely covers the screws once you’ve installed it. The package includes both woods screws and self tapping metal screws.


There are literally dozens and dozens of different magnets on the market, but in my humble opinion, this one is a great choice.

Keep your powder dry!