Product Review: Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount

Recently I posted an article entitled ‘Can You Access Your Gun When You Need It?’ which asked the reader to run themselves through a series of scenarios to determine their ability to react to certain threats. The whole point to the article was to access when and where are you most vulnerable and what can you do to enhance your ability to react. As we ran through these ‘what ifs’ I couldn’t help but think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho where a young lady is slashed to death in the shower by motel manager Norman Bates. There is a reason this scene has scared people since 1960, naked in the shower is probably the most vulnerable part of your day. My wife kept joking about a ‘gun rack in the bathroom,’ and not that we would actually do that, but we wanted to do something. Our solution was the Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount. For just under $25 and 30 seconds to install this little guy was just what we needed.

The product description says it’s slightly flexible and rubber coated to prevent scratching your firearm. It does have some sort of coating that really doesn’t feel like rubber, but doesn’t scratch either. If there is ANY flexibility it is very small.

The product came with 4 self tapping screws rated for metal, wood and plastic; if you’re going straight into drywall I would suggest using the appropriate anchors.

The magnet claims to be able to hold up to 35lb, I didn’t try to put anywhere near that much weight on it, but it easily held every gun I placed on it including my Glock 9mm.

The product works as advertised, and I have already ordered another on to mount under the dash of my car. This strong little magnet is a great tool for placing a stash gun or two in places you ordinarily might not such a garage toolbox, under the kitchen table or yes, even a bathroom cabinet. Hope you found this helpful.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!