Reasons You Should Be Prepping Now

N Korea

Although they don’t yet (stress yet) have the ability to reach the US with a nuclear weapon, there is some suspicions that their 2 satellites that frequently pass above the US are capable of launching an EMP. This rogue regime continues to develop their nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities with their primary target being the US and our allies.


The worlds largest exporter of terror is flush with cash thanks to the Obama administration’s ‘gift’ of $11.9 BILLION. Gee, what could go wrong?

Cyber Attacks

We just witnessed the largest known cyberattack in history. This attack appears to have been motivated by greed, but what if this attack had targeted the US electrical grid? Attacks of this type are growing in size and frequency and its logical to think that an attack targeting the grid could at least temporarily put us all in the dark.


The terrorist group has taken a beating as of late, but their ability to inspire ‘lone wolf’ attacks in Western countries continues to be a threat.


The ‘anti-fascists’ groups that have been causing chaos recently are in reality anti-Capitalism/anti-Free Speech/Anarchists who throw a temper tantrum if anyone dare express an opinion they don’t share.. This group of mask wearing activist snowflakes periodically emerge from their mom’s basement to throw bottles at the police and attack innocent bystanders. Should you encounter a group of these ‘protesters’ your best protection  is to pretend to be a job recruiter – they will undoubtedly maintain a safe distance.

Corrupt Media

If you fail to see the agenda driven bias of the lamestream media by now, I highly doubt you ever will. Regardless of whether you love/hate Trump, can you imagine the damage to the economy, stock markets and the value of the dollar should a corrupt media manage to actually take down a sitting President. The fact that they refuse to accept the results of the election does not give them the right to subvert the will of the people. Can you imagine the chaos in the next election cycle should they actually succeed?

Things happen

The safety and security of your family is your responsibility. The police, fire, Red Cross, FEMA, etc., are all reactionary – they show up after the fact and are often too late to actually be of much help. If you are currently relying on some government agency to bail you out of an emergency situation – you might want to rethink your plan.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy preppng!


Leftists Call For Harassment of Conservatives Everywhere – Including in Their Own Homes

The left has a long history of violence, and that violence is escalating on a daily basis. The ‘open-minded’ are so enraged that not everyone thinks like they do that they are once again resorting to violence.  Recently a writer for the ever anti-American Huffington Post spewed out an article (under the header of Queer Voices) entitled ‘To Save America We Must Stop Being Polite And  Immediately Start Raising Hell’ in which he called for the escalation of “our outrage and our anger is a massive way.” He called for the harassment of conservatives everywhere including in their own homes while out of the other side of his mouth claiming that he is not calling for violence like the ‘thuggish behavior of the Trump supporters.’ Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Left wing protesters

While I certainly support the right of all Americans to participate in peaceful protest, what we are seeing as of late is anything but peaceful. Burning police cars and smashing windows is NOT civil discourse. Let me ask you this, when have you seen conservatives throwing rocks and bottles at the police? When have you seen conservatives physically attack someone because they hold a different point of view? Reminder: it was Barack Obama who said “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” For once I actually agree with Mr. Obama; bring a gun. I am in no way encouraging anyone to go looking for a fight, but I do strongly suggest that you be very aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself and your family should the need arise.

Make no mistake; the left is looking for a fight and to defend our right to life we may be forced to give them one. I for one will not be harassed in my own home;  anyone attempting to do so will dramatically reduce their own life expectancy.  

Target Practice

I always use the tagline ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ and unfortunately the latter seems to be a more likely scenario. Off to the range I go.

What Type of Events Are You Preparing For?

Hurricane, EMP attack, Solar flare, Yellowstone Volcano, Global Warming, race war, civil war, foreign invasion, viral outbreak, take over by the Federal Government, financial collapse or economic depression, zombie apocalypse; what is it that drives you to prepare for the future?

Hurricane: I think we can all agree on the massive devastation and chaos a hurricane can cause as we’ve witnessed it time and time again. 2016 saw the first increase in hurricane activity since 2012 with 7 hurricanes and 4 considered major. Hurricanes can be a real concern depending of course on where you live. Before our relocation to Tennessee we had considered the Carolina’s, events such as this are why we decided otherwise. Move out of such a zone if you can, or have that ‘bug out’ bag ready when the weatherman says go.

EMP Attack: Definitely not out of the realm of possibility. We know the technology exists and we know our enemies (namely North Korea) have it. We also know that the electrical grid is pretty fragile, and even a relatively small weapon could have far reaching effects. An EMP could change life as we know it in mere seconds.

Solar Flare: Again, not out of the realm of possibility. On July 12th, 2012 we had a near miss with a massive solar flare that could have had catastrophic effects (read here.) If the event had occurred just one week earlier, earth would have been in the direct line of fire – we got lucky, real lucky. Such a solar event would take down power, internet, cell phone towers and even municipal water supplies for an indefinite amount of time. According to some scientists the odds of such a solar flare hitting us in the next 10 years run from 10-12%.

Yellowstone Super Volcano: This is one I really just heard about recently as a strong concern for some preppers. Such an event could kill 10’s of thousands immediately while the US would be blanketed in an ash cloud that could cause a ‘nuclear winter.’ Scientists say the odds are 1 in 700,000 that such an eruption could happen in any given year, that is if you believe scientists these days. See next topic.

Global Warming: Sorry no. The so-called threat of Global Warming is nothing more than the age old practice of using of fear to control people’s behavior. Make no mistake; people are getting rich selling you a line of bull. Oddly enough, the very same ‘scientists’ who warned us of a coming ice age in the Seventies, are now telling us the temperatures will rise. They claim this cataclysmic rise in temperature will cause crop failure, rising oceans, war, starvation and death – because you decided to buy an SUV! They tell us ‘the science is settled’, but is it really? Understand, most scientists are able to conduct their studies only with the help of Government or University grants. Guess what happens if your conclusions differ from what these institutions profess as fact – that’s right, no more grants for you! Note: if Al Gore really believed all the propaganda he’s selling you, why did he buy a $9 million beach front home in Montecito CA? Al Gore predicted in 2007 that there would be no ice left at the North Pole by 2013, well guess what, he missed by a mere 920,000 square miles of ice! Still not convinced, then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Phil Valentine’s An Inconsistent Truth.

Civil War/Race War/Civil Unrest:  Likely at least to some degree. You can probably argue that we are standing on the edge of major civil unrest. I don’t see or certainly hope I never see another civil war, race war or any kind of war in this country. Frighteningly enough I hear some people saying it’s time for a civil war or 2nd Revolution, careful what you wish for. However, we are definitely seeing a rapid increase in violent behavior in our extremely fragile society. Riots and looting in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Milwaukee over perceived injustice with much more festering just under the surface. We’ve seen the BLM movement block major highways and thoroughfares, disrupting the lives of thousands while police are told to stand down. We’ve seen college campuses erupt into riots because someone they disagree with is scheduled to speak so near their ‘safe zone.’ We’ve seen the police pelted with rocks and bottles, police cars burned, innocent civilians beaten for being the wrong color; all of it, yes all of it, excused and justified by a corrupt media. Your proximity to highly populated areas exponentially increases the threat to your family.

Foreign Invasion: Really depends on your definition of invasion. If your fear is of the Russian or Chinese armies rumbling through your neighborhood, then the odds are pretty low at this time. However, if you look at the massive invasion going on at our southern border or the 10,000 so-called Syrian refugees the feds dumped into our neighborhoods, then I would say the invasion is well under way.

Vial Outbreak: Likely, though not necessarily to the level of a national catastrophe. We are already seeing a return of diseases such as measles and TB (killed 900,000 people worldwide in 2012), once completely wiped out in the US, being spread by those crossing our borders illegally. As of this writing there is a massive outbreak of measles in MN. Then there is the Zika Virus, Ebola, Hantavirus, HIV/AIDS, flesh eating disease, and on and on it goes. Though these diseases might not be the greatest threat themselves, in the event that one of the previously mentioned scenarios does occur, disease could definitely become an aggravating factor.

Takeover by the Federal Government: While we may be seeing a temporary reduction in Federal intrusion,  I fear it is only temporary and that in the long term the Government will continue it’s march towards greater control. The Federal Government has been growing bigger and more powerful, not just in recent years, but going back even to Woodrow Wilson and LBJ. If Obamacare isn’t a prefect example of an out of control Federal Government than I don’t know what is. The recent push for MORE gun control, the transgender bathroom decree, the seizing of water rights, the expansion of federally owned land and the Common Core take over of your local schools are just a few recent examples of an overbearing Federal Government.

Financial Collapse/2nd Great Depression: Highly likely in my humble opinion. I personally think this is the most likely SHTF scenario; $19.5 Trillion national debt, 46 million on food stamps, 94 million not in the work force, Social Security on the brink of collapse and Medicaid flooded with millions of new recipients – it’s nearly a perfect storm. The media tells us the economy is growing at a reasonable rate, but is it really? We have propped up the markets by pumping in Billions of newly printed dollars, but common sense should tell us that eventually there has to be a day of reckoning. The value of the dollar is basically supported by consumer confidence and the ‘full faith and credit’ of the US Government. Really? The US Government spent 100’s of Billions bailing out the Unions and other favored entities that bowed to the previous administration, and regulated to death those that our left wing President didn’t like. Yes, we have slowly and temporarily crawled back from the edge (on paper anyway) by pumping more hot air into a balloon already nearing its bursting point. Our Government, and most of the American voters, learned nothing from the 2008 recession. Instead of taking it as a wake-up call, we have doubled down on the policies that got us there in the first place. We continue to artificially keep lending rates low to encourage people to go in debt while punishing those who try to save for the future. We are back to pushing ‘No Money Down, Cash Out’ mortgages, etc, etc, etc. I’m not predicting a single major incident will bring down the economy; I personally think we are already in a slow but steady downward spiral that we can likely not escape.

Short Term Disruptions: Floods, wildfires, ice storms, tornados, etc., are really the most likely threats you and your family will face. While the other scenarios mentioned here have the potential to be more widespread and catastrophic, the basic preparations are the same. If you have enough supplies (and skills) to survive a 3 week isolation due to an ice storm, you will already have a great start in preparing for whatever disaster may come your way.

Zombie Apocalypse: Though it makes for entertaining movies and TV shows, it’s not very likely folks. Note: if you watch these Pokeman people driving off the road and walking into traffic to chase some fictional game character – well, maybe we’re already there.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did, but these are the scenarios I hear spoken of most often.  I’ve said it in the past, but when it comes to prepping, I believe in an all of the above approach. I take an all of the above strategy to food storage, water, fuel, security, and yes, all of the above on any and all threats to our way of life.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy Prepping!

Gear Review: Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter

The keys to survival remain fairly constant: food, water, shelter, security. If you carry a bug-out-bag or EDC bag you might want to consider adding this to your carry. This little shelter weights less than 2 lbs. and packs down into a very small package.

rolling fox

It’s called a tarp shelter because it’s basically a very light-weight tarp, yet unlike the traditional 8’x10’ tarp with 4 little O-rings on the corners this kit comes with a total of 16 tie down points, 4 metal stakes, and 4 9 foot pieces of paracord and a carry bag to keep it all together.

 rolling fox 4

The first time I went to use it I discovered that it didn’t come with any instructions, fortunately I didn’t really need them. It’s simple and easy to set up in a variety of positions depending on what you have available to use.

 rolling fox 2

In this case one tree as some level ground and we’ve got a pretty decent shelter from the elements.

The upside: compact, less than 2 lbs., easy to set-up/take down, excellent protection against rain and wind.

rolling fox 3

Downside: doesn’t provide much protection from the sun and light color makes it stand out in the woods; a darker color would probably solve both these issues.

Bottom line: for about $35 you can add this great little shelter to your bug-out-bag or like me just take in on longer hikes when that occasional summer storm might pop up. You can easily set up a quick effective shelter in the time it would take you to put on the rain gear. This shelter will accompany me on every hike from now on, period. I will add more photos and updates as I continue to put it to use throughout the summer.

Note: as of this writing the Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter is currently out of stock on both the company website as well as on Amazon; as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter

Lib Blogger Says It Should Be Illegal to Defend Yourself: Reblogged from ‘The Pesky Truth’

There’s stupid and then there’s that special level of stupid, where guys like Justin Curmi can be found. He is a blogger at the Huffington Post who wrote a piece explaining why we shouldn’t kill perpetrators in self defense. Here are some excerpts from his piece: “The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes […]

via Lib Blogger Says It Should Be Illegal to Defend Yourself — Pesky Truth

Saving $$$ with Solar

Just a little update on our off-grid solar project: the electric bill arrived yesterday and…drum roll please…last month was $205, this month is $122. Now, with changes in the weather from April to May this isn’t a true comparison, so when looking at our bill for the same period last year (yes, I keep all that) it was $193. That’s $6.01 per day last year vs. $3.84 a day this year: a 36% reduction or a savings of $71.00. This was a result of switching to LED lights, unplugging unused devices and running some items on solar power only. If you’ve been following the blog you know that for this period of time we were still only running 2 100ah batteries and 4 100 watt solar panels compared to the 3 100ah batteries and 8 100 watt panels that make up our current configuration. We have now added our chest freezer and coffee pot to the list of ‘solar power only’ items so next month should give us a much clearer picture of how much we can save and how quickly we can recover our costs. In case you are new to the site, we set out to create an off-grid solar back up for emergencies, the cost savings is just a bonus.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Happy prepping!